Xiaomi Xiao AI Digital Assistant Works Similar to the Google Assistant

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Xiaomi announced a couple of interesting products at its high profile Shanghai press conference, including Mi Mix 2S, Mi Gaming Laptop and the Mi AI Speaker Mini last week. The company also unveiled its own personal assistant, the Xiao AI digital assistant, at the event. Xiaomi has now released its first-ever official English-subtitled YouTube video demonstrating features of its Xiao Ai digital assistant. The video sets the stage for the Xiao Ai performing a number of tasks, same as its rivals Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. The video depicts the Xiao Ai working in a somewhat similar way to the Google Assistant, with the colourful bars popping up when users issue voice commands. It shows the Xiao Ai can open apps, do maths, take photos, provide time and weather information, translate menus, set reminders and send text messages via specific platforms.


The digital assistant can also control other home appliances like lights and switches. The video shows the Xiao Ai operate messaging apps like WeChat, and even control smart home gadgets such as the Mi Robot vacuum cleaner and take all other sorts of commands that other assistants can do.

However, the significant difference is Xiao is based on Chinese language support than English. This means, in China, at least it will be the smartest digital assistant there is.


Interestingly, the video mentions the Mi Mix 2S which is said to be the first Xiaomi device to come with Xiao Ai digital assistant. The digital assistant will also come to other Xiaomi phones with future software updates.

In addition, Xiao Ai is also expected to power Xiaomi’s latest Mi AI Speaker Mini speaker. The smart speaker was launched along with Mi Mix 2S on March 27 for a price of CNY 169 (roughly Rs 1,700) and comes in a White colour variant. However, there is no official information confirming whether this speaker will be actually run with Xiao Ai or not.

The Xiao Ai is will also apparently become the driving force behind Xiaomi's Mi TV series. The 55-inch Mi TV 4S, that Xiaomi has launched recently in China is said to offer Xiao Ai support. As of now, there is no information about whether the Xiao Ai assistant will be making its ways to other markets like India.

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