Why You Must Upgrade Your WiFi Router Right Now

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WiFi devices has become a common sight in almost every Indian household now. But one thing that a lot of people don’t understand is that the kind of Wi-Fi router they are using is of prime importance in regards to the speed, security, and overall connectivity they get. That is why, even after getting a high-speed plan, most people don’t get very good connectivity and speed from their Wi-Fi network. If you are still using an old Wi-Fi router, then it is high time that you upgrade. Read ahead all the reasons for why you must upgrade your router right now!

Reasons for Why You Must Upgrade Your Router

The first reason is outdated router firmware. Generally, old Wi-Fi routers don’t get proper firmware updates and it adds to the issues of poor connectivity. If you get a new router, chances are that you will get it with the latest firmware. Even if not with the latest, the new routers come with an ability to update the firmware automatically.

If you want to use a Wi-Fi plan with gigabit speeds, then you need a Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) router. Old routers such as the ones with Wi-Fi 4 standards can only support speeds of up to 600 Mbps. Thus you should get a Wi-Fi router which supports at least Wi-Fi 5 or even the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Another reason why you should upgrade your Wi-Fi router right away is security. Old routers don’t get firmware updates and are prone to be attacked. But when you use a new Wi-Fi router, you don’t have to worry about security a lot. New routers come with the latest security systems and offer stronger firewalls to the network.

Also, with old routers, the configuration would become a pain for an average user. To change any of the settings such as name or Wi-Fi password, the user would need to connect the router with a computer. Doing that, the user would have to follow up by logging in on the configuration page and then find menus to do the simplest of things. But with new generation routers, there are apps which can do all of this for the user. Simply by logging-in on the app, the user can change the password and network settings of the Wi-Fi router.

Crucially, connectivity is important to every user. With old WiFi routers, users will find a lot of dead zones in the house where Wi-Fi connectivity is almost zero or too bad to use. But with the new generation Wi-Fi routers, users don’t have to worry about any of this. There is an option to attach more than two antennas for better coverage of Wi-Fi if the user lives in a large house.

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