WhatsApp Web Can Now Filter Messages by Unread

Now that WhatsApp users can filter their unread chats, when you enable this feature, you will only be able to see unread chats.


  • the option is currently available on iOS as well.
  • it can be viewed  on both Windows and MacBook laptops.
  • Whatsapp is preparing to provide the capability to view your own chat from a linked device in a future update.

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WhatsApp Web has a new function, which many users will love. Users may now filter their unread chats; thus, when you enable this option, just the unread chats will be exposed. Although there is not a comparable setting on Android, the option is currently available on iOS. Users of WhatsApp on the web should notice a three-line option next to the box that says, "Search or Start new chat," which is located directly at the top. When you tap on it, a menu for "unread chats" appears. If you frequently use WhatsApp on the Web, you should now be able to see the option because it can be viewed on both Windows and MacBook laptops.

The new feature is especially practical if you belong to numerous groups, whether for professional or private reasons. By doing so, you can view all unread chats fast and respond to any that might be urgent. On the WhatsApp Web version, where you sometimes might have to scroll up and down for a while to find a certain chat, this is also a cleaner and less distracting interface. The functionality could make it easier for people to manage their many unread WhatsApp chats, which will be very helpful for them.

Other news includes a feature that enables users to send messages to themselves on other associated devices in the most recent WhatsApp Android beta release, according to WABetaInfo. The feature is now being created. Whatsapp is preparing to provide the capability to view your own chat from a linked device in a future update of the program, according to WABetainfo. Early beta testers have not yet received it. The WhatsApp Desktop beta will probably implement this feature in a later version.

How This New Feature Will Work?

If you're unsure how to use WhatsApp yourself, simply enter wa.me/ and your mobile number in any mobile browser. The mobile phone number needs to start with the Indian country code as well. Make sure your primary smartphone, which is running WhatsApp, is the one you use for this. When you're finished, the website will ask you to open WhatsApp; just accept the request. Your chat will now appear in the chat box, allowing you to send messages to yourself.

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