WhatsApp Brings Native App for Windows

According to WhatsApp, the native app would improve dependability and speed. Even when a user's smartphone is offline, notifications and messages will still be received.


  • WhatsApp asserts that the native app would boost dependability.
  • The announcement was made on the official WhatsApp website.
  • The procedure for logging in is the same.

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A fresh Windows native desktop version for WhatsApp has been made available. The instant chat platform formerly exclusively provided web-based programmes for Mac and Windows users. WhatsApp made it possible to connect the account to a desktop computer earlier this year. Without having their smartphone linked to the internet, users can utilise this capability to make and receive calls as well as send and receive messages. The business has now released a native Windows programme that runs natively on Windows and no longer relies on the outdated web-based backend. Download the latest app from the Microsoft App Store.

The native app is smoother and more streamlined than the web-based version. The interface has been cleaned up and made to resemble more like the Windows interface. Users will still have to connect it to an account on their smartphone that is associated with a phone number. Once your devices are linked, you may send and receive messages, make WhatsApp calls, and more using end-to-end encryption. When your phone isn't in use, up to four linked devices can be used; however, after 14 days since your last use of your phone, linked devices will be automatically logged out.

According to WhatsApp, the new native version for Windows improves performance and dependability. It has been optimised and developed for desktop operating systems, the business stated. According to the FAQ page, users will still receive notifications and messages even if their phone is offline. The login procedure for the desktop native software is the same as it is for the web-based version.

Although it is still in development, WhatsApp will also offer a native macOS application. It will be released as a macOS "Universal app," which means it will be based on the WhatsApp iPhone app and work natively on Apple silicon laptops. The WhatsApp MacOS software is now in closed beta testing.

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