WhatsApp Makes it Challenging to Tell if Someone Has Blocked You

Now that WhatsApp is concentrating on providing users with a platform that is more privacy-focused, it appears that the business is making it more difficult for individuals to tell whether someone has blocked them on the service.


  • People now find it more difficult to tell if someone has blocked them on WhatsApp.
  • A new privacy feature is being introduced by the platform.
  • Anyone will soon be able to hide their Online status on the texting app.

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With so many features and an easy-to-use layout, WhatsApp makes it challenging for users to use any other platform. The majority of the crucial functions, like location sharing, video or voice calls, photo sharing, and more, are available to you. But now that WhatsApp is concentrating on providing users with a more privacy-focused platform, it appears that the firm is making it more difficult for individuals to tell whether someone has blocked them on the service.

A feature that would enable anyone to hide their online status will soon be available on WhatsApp, according to a recent announcement. In essence, this means that users of the programme will be able to conceal their online identities. Therefore, nobody will be able to tell if you are online or not. Although this is a fantastic privacy feature, it will be challenging for you to tell whether someone has blocked you. You must first comprehend how to examine if someone has blocked you.

How To Check if Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp

1. The "Last Seen" or "Online" label of contact won't be visible in the chat window.

2. The profile picture of the contact won't be shown to you.

3. Any messages sent to a contact who has blocked you will never display two check marks, only one (message sent) (message delivered).

4. You won't be able to make any calls, sorry.

How is Whatsapp Making it Difficult?

You can choose to make your profile image and status invisible in the Settings section of the messaging app. The ability to hide your online status will also be added to WhatsApp in the coming days. The business stated earlier this month that the functionality would be available on all devices by the end of August. Remember that WhatsApp requires an internet connection to exchange messages. WhatsApp won't relay your message if a user's mobile data is disabled, and the chat will only display one checkmark. As a result, you can conclude that you are blocked. It will be difficult to tell if someone is "banned" if a user disables all three items (Online, Profile Photo, and Status) under the Privacy area of the app. When the receiver turns on the internet, the chat will show two checkmarks if someone hasn't blocked you. On WhatsApp, you may also just place a call, but occasionally there may be a problem that prevents you from connecting via call.

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