WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Might Be Integrated Very Soon

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Two of the biggest social media giants, WhatsApp and Facebook might be integrated soon. Talks about the integration of Instagram and Facebook has been going on for quite a while now. But according to the recent reports, it is not Instagram, but WhatsApp which is going to be integrated with Facebook. Facebook is currently working on enabling the communication and integration between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The reports suggest that it is more of cross-chat support between the two apps instead of integration. So once Facebook rolls out the new feature, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp can start communicating. This raises a lot of questions over the move as this cross-chat support can compromise on the encryption of data and user security.

Facebook Working on Codes for Creating Tables in Local Database

Facebook is working on making communication between the two apps a faster reality. This report comes from WABetaInfo which said that the developer Alessandro Paluzzi had informed the tipster about the development. Facebook has started creating some tables in the local databases to store all the information which comes from WhatsApp users. The codes in development suggest that Facebook will get to know if a WhatsApp contact gets blocked and will also be able to recognise some details of the chat and sound of push notifications.

The details of the chat which might be recognised by Facebook Messenger might be information such as the mobile number, whether or not the chat has been archived, a message counter, but ‘not the content’ of the chat. Facebook Messenger may also be able to identify all the specific members in a WhatsApp group. Along with that, profile pictures of the contact may be accessible by Facebook Messenger.

As of the moment, Facebook isn’t already collecting messages from WhatsApp. But the code for a local database is being developed. To keep the information and contents of a chat secure, it is predicted that Facebook might use the Signal protocol which WhatsApp already uses to encrypt and decrypt messages.

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