VU Launches Premium 4K TVs in Three Variants With Dolby Vision and Other Features

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VU has become a popular Smart TV brand in India owing to its very popular launches and feature-packed TVs which debut at affordable ranges. Last time VU was in the headlines was because of the launch of the Cinema TV in which it included “Cinema-like” features, a great sound system and other features. But, now VU is back at it again with the launch of the VU Premium 4K TVs. The new Premium 4K TVs launched by VU follow the same legacy and come with many features packed into an affordable price range. These new TVs start at the price moniker of Rs 24,999 and have debuted in three sizes which include 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch. Like always, VU has partnered up with Flipkart to sell these TVs.


Features of VU Premium 4K TVs

Starting upfront, the highlighting feature of the new Premium 4K TV range is the “4K” tag which ensures that the users of the TV will be getting a 4K resolution which would measure 3840x2160 pixels on the screen. Apart from this, for really nice colour representation, the TV would come in support for HDR including the Dolby Vision standard and have a claimed brightness rating of 400nits. To recall, the Cinema TV series which was launched before this claimed to have a consistent brightness level of 500 nits.

Differences Between Cinema TV and Premium 4K TVs

Not only this, but the new Premium 4K TVs will come with support for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and YouTube. Now you might be wondering, what are the main differences between the Cinema TV range and the new Premium 4K TV range which VU has debuted in the market? Well, to clarify your doubts you must know that the major differences come in the area of design. Also, the sound output is something that differentiates these two series. While the Premium 4K TV series comes with 30W sound output, the Cinema TV series comes with 40W output. One of the most notable features of the Premium 4K TVs from VU is the Dolby Vision support.

VU Premium 4K TVs Pricing

There are also some changes to the design of the remote with the Premium 4K TV remote being more sleek and aesthetic with lesser buttons. There are hotkeys on the remote for apps like YouTube and Netflix and also Google Assistant button and D-pad. The TV also comes with Chromecast in-built, which enables it to share and stream content from other devices. As for the pricing of these TVs, the 43-inch variant comes for Rs 24,999, and the 50-inch variant will be available for Rs 27,999, whereas, the 55-inch option costs Rs 31,999. Another difference between Cinema TV and the newly launched Premium series is that the latter would be available on Flipkart instead of Amazon.

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