D2h Introduces New NCF Slab of Rs 150 for Channels More Than 200 Channels

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D2h, which is owned by Dish TV, has a reputation for being one of the most affordable DTH operators in the industry currently. Because of its attractive pricing previously, Dish TV and D2h have both enjoyed a lot of consumer attention. But the new rules which have been brought forth by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) have sought to create a “level-playing field” in the industry. Under this, the underlying rules which govern the industry and important parameters like Network Capacity Fees (NCF) have also been changed. Now, D2h had brought a new NCF price slab in tune with the new rules, but now D2h has made some changes to its pricing slabs for the NCF. A lot of the consumers might find these new changes to be favourable. Let’s check what new changes D2h has made to its NCF slabs.


New NCF Slabs of Dish TV

As per the revised Network Capacity Fees slab given by D2h, the subscribers who want up to 200 SD channels will have to pay Rs 130 per month for channel slots, which would become a total of Rs 153.40, including taxes. However, for channels more than 200 and less than 220, the subscribers will have to pay Rs 150, which would be Rs 177, including taxes. Thereafter, the subscribers will be required to pay Rs 160 per month in the name of NCF, if they want to have more than 220 channels on their subscription.

Old NCF Slabs of D2h

This is a little different when compared to the previous NCF slab given by D2h to its subscribers. Previously, the subscribers were paying Rs 130 for the same 200 channels, but beyond 200 channels, the subscribers directly had to pay Rs 160 per month for any number of channels beyond 200. Essentially, now D2h has created an entirely new slab. Also, this slab is identical to what Dish TV is providing to its subscribers, which means that D2h has adapted the same slab as its parent company.

It is worth noting that Trai amended the rules of cable and broadcasting industry earlier this year, thus charting out new pricing rules for the sector. This new pricing slab is part of the same changes. The report comes from DreamDTH, which first identified the slab change. Also, as for the multi TV connection, the subscribers continue to pay Rs 50 flat NCF on every connection.

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