Vodafone RED Together M Plan and RED MAX Plan, All You Should Know

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Getting a postpaid connection has become very affordable with the Vodafone RED plans. In the bid to compete against other telcos such as Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, Vodafone offers RED Family plans. These plans group all the bills of the family under one bill. With the Vodafone RED Family plans you can get up to five postpaid connections for your family and for all of that just pay one single bill. Another advantage of this plan is that you will get a pretty steep discount by paying one bill instead of paying separate bills for each individual. Vodafone has recently launched new RED plans — RED Together M and RED MAX.

Vodafone RED Together M Plan

Vodafone has launched another RED Family postpaid plan called ‘RED Together M’ plan. It is priced at Rs 899 per month. The plan is offering up to 4 connections so 3 members of your family can use it.

The plan offers a total of 160GB data to the users. Out of which, the primary user in the plan will get 70GB data and the remaining secondary users will get 30GB data. A total of 200GB data rollover is available for the primary user and for secondary users it is 50GB. Along with that, there is unlimited calling and 100 SMS/month available for each user.

There are OTT subscription benefits included as well. The users get a free subscription to Amazon Prime for 1 year, Vodafone Play, and ZEE5 Premium.

It is interesting to note that another RED Family plan of Rs 999 which is just Rs 100 more than this one offers 10GB data extra to the primary user and also allows a total of 5 connections.

Vodafone RED MAX Plan

Vodafone has also launched a new plan for the individual users wanting to opt for a postpaid plan. It is RED MAX plan and it is priced at Rs 699. It offers unlimited calling and unlimited data to the user. Since the plan offers unlimited data with commercial usage policy, there is no scope or need of a data rollover. Along with that, the user also gets 100 SMS/month. OTT Benefits include a free subscription to Amazon Prime for 1 year, Vodafone Play, and ZEE5 Premium.

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