Bharti Airtel Rejects Concerns of Biased Data Speed Plans Raised by Trai

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea has stated that platinum customers account for low revenues and it will not affect the service quality of other subscribers


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) blocked the premium plans of Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea some days back, which offers faster data speed and priority services to their subscribers. The telecom regulator blocked the premium plans of the telecom operators over the concern that the platinum plan of telcos breaches net neutrality rules and such schemes could lower the quality of mobile service for subscribers who have not opted for such plans. However, telco giant has rejected all the concerns raised by the regulator over the platinum plans. As reported by ET telecom, Bharti Airtel stated that offering service to just 1- 1.5 % of the subscriber base which provides less than 10% of the revenue would not affect the service of 98% customers who contributes to nearly 90% of the revenues.

Platinum Services Will Not Affect Service Quality of Remaining Customers

Airtel has specially marked that the platinum services has been tested for nearly eight months by the pilot before the actual launch. Platinum customers got faster speeds without impacting the service quality of other Airtel customers. The telco has stated the present platinum services will offer platinum services without impacting the service quality of customers which accounts for nearly 90% of the revenues earned by the company.

Vodafone Idea Also Opposed Trai’s Concern over Platinum Plans

Trai also blocked the premium REDX plans of Vodafone Idea. The telco stated similar reason like Airtel and stated that 1.27 lakh subscribers of the REDX plan do not even make 0.1% of the telco’s total 4G user base. So, the telco will not hurt all the other services opted by subscribers.

Data Speed Will be Key Factor in 5G Technology

Airtel noted that the data speed would be one of the most important elements in future as network evolution is taking place with new technologies like 5G. If Trai stops differentiated service offering to customers based on data speeds, it will create troubles in the implementation of 5G in India. Also, telcos will be sceptical about innovative approaches to fasten network evolution in India.

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