Broadband Dual Band Routers Offering 2.4GHz and 5GHz Service: Which is Better?

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Broadband connections have become very common nowadays. People prefer them most of the time when they are working from their homes or offices. Broadband connections don’t get the kind of network congestions which mobile networks face when a lot of people in the same area use high-speed internet. At the same time though, Broadband connections have a limited range of area which it can cover to provide internet. One of the things which people using a fiber connection or a new broadband connection might be noticing when they connect to the internet is two bands available to them to connect with — 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This option is available to users who have a wireless router (802.11n or newer). Let’s see the differences between the bands and how they affect your internet connection.

2.4GHz Vs 5GHz Router: Speed and Range

If you want a higher range so that you can connect to your broadband network and get internet from any part of the home, you can connect with 2.4GHz band. But if you need higher internet speed and can be near the Wi-Fi router, you should connect with 5GHz band. It is not like 2.4GHz band doesn’t offer a good internet speed. But with 5GHz it is just a notch higher and is perfect for seamless data experience. If you are a gamer and want to experience low-latency gaming, connect with the 5GHz band.

Some people don’t get the dual-band Wi-Fi router. They prefer to go with the single-band option. So let’s take a look at whether you should go for 2.4GHz or 5GHz band router.

Size of the Home

It is an important factor to be considered. If you have a big house where you like to roam around from room to hall to dining table, then you need a 2.4GHz band router. Because it will keep you connected to the internet. But if you have a small house such as an apartment, then you can get by using a 5GHz band router.


The thing with 2.4GHz band is that you are likely to face more disturbance and interference with it than when you use a 5GHz band. Broadband connections with 2.4GHz are more disturbed because of a lot of other devices such as Bluetooth gadgets, microwaves, and more use the same frequency.

But it is not the same case with the 5GHz band router. If you are in close proximity of your router, nothing will interfere with your broadband internet connection.

Types of Device

It is important to determine the kind of device you will connect with your broadband router. If you are going to use the broadband connection for just internet browsing and basic work-related stuff, then 2.4GHz band will suffice you.

But in case you require the internet for connecting it with devices where you will stream in HD, then it is just better to get a router with 5GHz band support.

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