Vodafone Postpaid Bill Guarantee: How It Works?

Vodafone India has rolled out revised RED range of postpaid plans very recently. Along with the plans, the telco has come with a new scheme called ‘Bill Guarantee,’ touting that there won’t be any more bill shocks to the customers. Reliance Jio also introduced a similar feature with its JioPostpaid plans, saying that the customers should do away with bill shocks. Usually, what happens in postpaid is, users often receive higher monthly rentals than the usual bill due to some additional benefits used by them. But the Bill Guarantee scheme makes sure that a customer will not receive any unusual bills and there’s an interesting aspect of Vodafone’s Bill Guarantee. Read on to know more.


Firstly, if a customer opts for Bill Guarantee, the scheme will automatically check their usage after bill generation every month and compares the bill with Vodafone’s best RED plans. And if the telco finds a lower bill on any other RED postpaid plan, it will simply credit back the difference as savings on your next bill, and that too without changing your existing plan.

“If we find a lower bill on any other plan, we will simply credit back the difference as savings in your next bill…even without you changing your plan,” says Vodafone.


That’s a nice little addition, right? All the Vodafone RED plans of Rs 399, Rs 499, Rs 1,299, Rs 1,999 and Rs 2,999 are eligible for this scheme, while the Rs 299 entry-level RED plan is not eligible for the scheme. Vodafone silently introduced a Rs 299 RED postpaid plan to take on Jio’s Rs 199 postpaid plan. This entry-level plan gives 20GB of high-speed data with data rollover option up to 50GB, unlimited voice calls even on roaming without any FUP limit, 100 SMS for the entire rental period and one-year of free Vodafone Play subscription. Sadly, the Rs 299 plan doesn’t offer any additional benefits such as Amazon Prime subscription, Netflix subscription or RED Hot Deals. The Rs 399 is revised to offer 40GB of data, while the Rs 499 plan now gives 75GB of data.

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June 30, 2018 7:10 pm 7:10 PM

Off topic ;- How to avail Rs 299 Red basic postpaid plan?

June 30, 2018 12:52 pm 12:52 PM

Also share number of customer getting benifited with this scheme. and share amount as well as percentage of cost saving.

Kaushik IMA
June 30, 2018 1:40 pm 1:40 PM

Basically means if u r on RED 1299 plan but your usage is not crossing RED 399 then 900 Rs discount will get applied on next bill….

June 30, 2018 4:34 pm 4:34 PM

Basically it should work reverse way

If you are on 399 plan. and bill comes as 600, but if same usage would haveen carrier on 499 plan, then bill would have been 550.

in such cases they may give rs50 discount in next bill.

if bill comes as 1400, and if its suits 1299 plan, then discount on next bill would be rs100.

thus it’s fraction of cost which vodafone advt.

July 9, 2018 4:18 pm 4:18 PM
That’s hardly gonna happen. First of all, calling is unlimited so there’s no chance that you would get extra charges for calls. There’s only risk for over usage in data plan. But, all red plans have data rollover so if any user will use all current data of the plan then extra data usage will be adjusted in rollover data balance, and once that will be nill then only, bill start to add charges for extra usage. Which gonna happen hardly! Vodafone is so smart. AVOID cartel have always played smart. They have always try to give the benefits at… Read more »
jio lover
June 30, 2018 2:43 pm 2:43 PM

Can’t trust

Kaushik IMA
June 30, 2018 3:20 pm 3:20 PM

True, let’s see how it works out.

June 30, 2018 12:53 pm 12:53 PM

such hollow claims and aggresive marketing of term wont help vodafone india.

Sunny | Lucknow
June 30, 2018 12:05 pm 12:05 PM

Probably just for you, lol.