Vodafone India Launches India’s first paperless activation process in Kolkata

vodafone-new-logoVodafone India, today announced that it has become the first operator in Kolkata to pilot launch the Aadhaar based e-KYC solution. e-KYC solution is an instant, secure and green mobile subscriber verification project, where a customer’s Aadhaar card and fingerprints is adequate for both validating and activating new prepaid and postpaid connections.

This paperless activation process as per Department of Telecom (DoT)’s directive has the following five simple steps:-

1. Customer brings his Aadhaar card to the Vodafone Store and provides fingerprints to get a new mobile connection

2. Basis the details in the Aadhaar card, e-KYC data of the customer would be downloaded from UIDAI server

3. After positive authentication is done, the retailer receives the soft copy (PDF) of the e-CAF(Customer Application Form) for customer acknowledgement

4. Customer checks the e-CAF and acknowledges through Biometric authentication

5. Post customer acknowledgement, the activation request is sent by operator POS (Point of Sale)

The advantage of the e-KYC solution is manifold with all stakeholders – customers, operators and regulators benefitting from it. For the consumer, instant activation means a better experience and security of his personal confidential information. For Vodafone, it substantially reduces the cost per activation, improved quality of sales as well as regulatory compliance. For the regulator, it not only means a green initiative but also hassle free governance and accurate audit results.

This service is available across 21 Vodafone Stores in Kolkata and gradually will be expanded to Vodafone Mini Stores also

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Shailendra Shrivastava
August 11, 2015 1:24 pm 1:24 PM

If customer address is updated his permanent address in UIDAI server and he is applying for a postpaid connection through eKYC process in other circle then there should be a option to capture the current billing address.

How this will work?

March 16, 2015 2:57 am 2:57 AM

But what if they start misusing finger print as during verification they can clone it. As most of the fake sim are issued from the end retailer, what are the possibilities that no one can tamper the Bio-metric Authentication !!!!

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