Airtel to launch platinum 3G services on 900MHz band in Mumbai circle

Airtel 3GAirtel the leading GSM operator by subscriber base has come up with a solution to resolve the spectrum crunch issue plaguing the telecom industry today. Airtel had won technologically neutral spectrum in the 900MHz band in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata last year. This spectrum could be used to offer any service including 2G voice, 3G voice and data or 4G LTE.

Airtel has decided to use this spectrum to offer 3G voice and data in conjunction to its existing 2100MHz spectrum. Airtel has termed this offering as ‘Platinum 3G’ with 34% faster speed than 3G on 2100MHz and 30% better indoor coverage. Videos on the platinum 3G network will stream 25% faster and battery will last 16% longer than the present condition. Voice calls on platinum 3G network will also be clearer than the traditional 3G.

Customers in Mumbai will be the first to enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet on Airtel’s platinum 3G expressway. Mumbai has the highest number of Internet users in India, totalling to approximately 12.5 million, thus proving to be a major market for Airtel. With such a huge number, network congestion is obvious which results in loss of network and connectivity issues at places and this is quite repetitive, making it difficult for people to connect with one another. Platinum 3G will specifically come in as a great help for Mumbaikars who are always on the move; train commuters, bus travellers who tend to lose network.

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Airtel has 50L subscribers to date in Mumbai alone and the Airtel Platinum 3G network will deliver Seamless Connectivity, Superior Network Quality and Better Indoor Coverage to customers here. In its next phase, Platinum 3G on Airtel will be rolled out in Kolkata in next couple of months.

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July 3, 2015 1:57 pm 1:57 PM

I am using Airtel 3G Platinum since 45 days in Mumbai, previously i was with Vodafone, through porting i came in Airtel, I am facing lot of problem with this network, like call drop, getting single signal bar, low speed, It’s a very third class poorest network i have never ever seen, even i have never seen this kind of services, i have called many time to customer care but no response, they all guys are answering same like trained parrot, please don’t go with Airtel, only bakwaas no network, no service.

Vinayak Pai
March 22, 2015 12:02 pm 12:02 PM

Will the 900Mhz 3g platinum service of Airtel be compatible on existing handsets. Because current handsets available in the market support 2g on 900 mhz. Will the same handset support 3g as well??????????

[…] previously, Airtel has launched 3G services on 900MHz in Mumbai circle which they have termed as Platinum 3G and claim that it has 30% better indoor coverage and is 34% faster than traditional 3G on 2100MHz […]