Day 8 summary- Total bid amount crosses 1 lac crore, bid received for 2100MHz in UP West circle

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towerToday the auction process completed 6 rounds of bidding, bringing the total up to 49 rounds with the total bid amount reaching 102,000 Crore. At the end of round 39 in the 2100MHz band, there was surplus demand in Assam, North East, Rajasthan and UP west circles. In the 1800MHz band, there was surplus demand in Haryana and Kolkata circles. In the 900MHz band, there was excess demand in North East and West Bengal circles. In the 800MHz band, there was excess demand in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and North East circles.

Up till now approximately 86% of the total spectrum put up for auction has been provisionally sold. Among the highest bids in the auction till now have been Rs. 1720 crores for 2100MHz in Tamil Nadu circle, Rs. 1642.36 crores for 2100MHz in Karnataka circle. Rs.1505 crore for 2100MHz in Maharashtra circle. Rs. 1290 for 2100MHz in Gujarat circle and Rs.909.37 crore for 800MHz in Mumbai circle. Circles that have seen no takers till now include Bihar, Karnataka, Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, UP East and UP West in the 800MHz band. And Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai circles in the 2100MHz band.

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