Vodafone Idea Unveils MyAmbar App for Women Safety in India

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Vodafone Idea Foundation, the Corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Vodafone Idea Limited on Thursday unveiled MyAmbar app in partnership with NASSCOM Foundation, Safety Trust, and UN Women. The MyAmbar app solution is said to be designed and developed especially for safety and empowerment of women in India. The company said that the app developed under the ‘Connecting for Good program’ is intended to aid women to understand and stand against violence. The MyAmbar app is said to be available in both English and Hindi. The company highlighted that the app provides women with an “easy access” to emergency helpline numbers.

Vodafone Idea Unveils MyAmbar App Solution

The CSR arm of the third-largest wireless operator in India highlighted that the app also aids women through a “step-by-step risk assessment tool.” Vodafone Idea Foundation highlighted that the tool will guide the women “through various ways in dealing with their current status.”

“Vodafone Idea is committed to leveraging our technology strengths to create social impact through sustainable solutions,” P Balaji, chief regulatory and corporate affairs officer at Vodafone Idea, said in the release. “We strongly believe that when you educate, empower or support a woman in any ecosystem, you impact her entire family, her immediate ecosystem in the community, which in turn brings in a strong multiplier effect on the overall social and economic development of the entire country.”

Crucially, the company also said that the app has an extensive service directory aiding women to reach out to legal and counselling services at a “click of a button.”

MyAmbar App Features Dedicated SOS Button

The company said that the MyAmbar App introduces “ready help and education” to all women on “gender-based violence to understand the issue and avail support services.” Vodafone Idea Foundation said that the app would provide a “safe haven for the survivors and high-risk victims” to file their complaints and request help without bias or judgment.

“One in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence. More than 4 lakh cases on crime against women were registered in 2019 according to India National Crime’s Record Bureau (NCRB),” Ashok Pamidi, CEO of NASSCOM Foundation, said in the release. “Today, with MyAmbar, we have taken a vital step to leverage technology to work towards women's safety and empowerment. I urge everyone to use MyAmbar and support us in bringing this solution to every woman across India's remotest corners.”

The MyAmbar app is said to offer several useful features such as “Ready to use directory of helpline numbers across India.” Further, the MyAmbar app is also said to offer extensive information on multiple aspects of “gender-based violence presented in easy to understand form.” Crucially, Vodafone Idea Foundation highlighted that its MyAmbar app has an “upfront SOS helpline button.”

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