Mobile Network Issues, Ways to Fix Common Problems

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More often than not, people face issues with their cellular network. Sometimes the problem is related to voice calls, and sometimes it is with the internet. The users face network issues not just limited with one or two telecom operators, but all of them. There are many things that you can do to resolve the problems which you are facing with your network. Be it voice calling or internet issues; there is a fix for everything. So if you want to know how you can fix these problems by yourself, keep reading ahead.

Solutions for Trouble With Making Calls/Receiving Calls/Sending and Receiving Calls

If there are coverage issues or issues in the quality of a voice call, then switch-off any of the devices around you that produces electromagnetic induction such as internet routers. Then restart your mobile. You can also try inserting the SIM card in another device. If even that doesn’t solve your problems, contact your network operator who would be able to sort the issue from their end.

When your mobile reflects that the network of your SIM card is down; if you are an Android user, go to the settings of your device. Then find ‘Mobile/Cellular Network’ and tap on it. Manually select your network operator. For example, if your SIM card is from Vodafone Idea, then tap on ‘Vi’. In case you are an iOS user, just go to Settings, tap on ‘Mobile + SIM’ and go to SIM Settings > Network Selection and then search for network. Manually select the operator you are subscribed to. If this doesn’t solve your issue, the users would have to get in touch with the customer care team of their network operator.

Even when facing issues with SMSs and messages, just restart your device or try inserting your SIM card in another device. If this doesn’t do the job, you can contact your network service provider.

Solutions for Trouble With Using the Mobile Internet

In case you are unable to browse a particular site on the mobile phone using mobile data, check if it is a particular website or an app that you are facing this issue with. If it is the case, just clear the cache and cookies of that website/app and see if you can then use the internet.

If the problem is with every website and app, then you can troubleshoot your internet. Firstly, check if you have kept the ‘Mobile Data’ switched on. Then ensure that under the settings, you have selected the fastest option for your mobile network. If it is not 3G or 4G, then immediately change the settings. One thing that you should always ensure is that your SIM card is in the right slot. If you are using Mobile Data from SIM 1, ensure that you have your SIM 1 as the network which provides fast data to you.

You can also check the APN (Access Point Names) settings. Select the following under APN settings of your device: for Android - www, for iOS - iPhone. Another thing which you should keep in mind is that your data subscription pack can be expired. So check if you have enough data to browse or not. You can also put your device in Airplane mode and switch it off in a second. It will refresh your network and might solve any of the connectivity issues that you are facing. The last thing you can do is try using the SIM card in any other device. If even that doesn’t work, just contact your network service provider.

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