Vodafone GigaTV Cable Box 2 Allows Content Playback In 4K Ultra HD Resolution In Up to 3 Screens

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The age of 4K resolution content is well here. People don’t want to be limited to full-HD content anymore. To keep the users’ demands in check, Vodafone has come out with the GigaTV Cable Box 2. It is a new generation Set-Top Box (STB) that allows users to watch their favourite content in 4K Ultra HD or UHD resolution. The STB is aimed to let users watch content in the highest quality with multiple smart features to make their TV watching experience even more seamless. Here are all the features of the STB from Vodafone that make it an excellent proposition for users.

Vodafone GigaTV Cable Box 2 Features/Specifications

First of all, note that the GigaTV Cable Box 2 is an offering from Vodafone Germany. So it may or may not be available out of the German lands. Starting with the already mentioned feature of the STB, it allows users to watch their content in a resolution of up to 4K UHD.

Then, to make life easier for the users, it recommends programs to them that they might like so that they don’t have to waste their energy in finding a good show. Moreover, all of this can be done through voice control as well. One can even record his/her favourite TV shows through voice control.


The STB will allow the users to jump to the very beginning of the show so that they can ‘replay’ the section of a particular show they missed out on. Any user can record up to 4 different programs at the same time with the Vodafone GigaTV Cable Box 2. The recording can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance by the user.

The Vodafone GigaTV Cable Box 2 can also help a user play content on multiple screens and multiple rooms. There is also a kids section that can help in keeping the kids away from adult content very comfortably.

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