Vodafone, Accenture Announce New Cybersecurity Solution for SMEs

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Vodafone UK

One of the largest telecom operators of the UK, Vodafone, has announced a new enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in partnership with Accenture. This new security solution will help the SMEs in detecting threats, taking necessary actions on time, and also recovering from them.

Vodafone UK and Accenture had announced a strategic partnership last year. Since then, both companies were working together on developing enterprise-grade managed security services (MSS) for SMEs.

SMEs to Benefit From Vodafone and Accenture’s Managed Security Services

The Vodafone and Accenture’s managed security services (MSS) will help in strengthening the telco’s existing portfolio of cybersecurity solutions. The companies have together added three key solutions - a) Cyber Exposure Diagnostic (CED), b) Penetration Testing/Vulnerability Assessment, and c) Phishing Awareness.

‘CED’ will help an enterprise understand how their system would respond in case of a cyber attack. It will reveal the key areas where the breaches will most likely happen. The second solution, ‘Penetration Testing’, will help businesses in planning simulated attacks on their system to identify the weak points of their security infrastructure. Lastly, the ‘Phishing Awareness’ solution will help the enterprises in gearing their employees with the knowledge about what phishing is and how hackers try to attempt it.

According to Hiscox, an insurance firm based out of the UK, there are around more than 65,000 attempts of hacking made every day on the small businesses of the country. Further, every 19 seconds in a day, an SME is attacked online successfully.

As per research conducted by Vodafone, a successful cyber-attack results in an average cost of £3,000 for the SME. Around 23% of SMEs said that they wouldn’t even be able to survive such a loss if it were to happen to them.

Vodafone’s entire cybersecurity portfolio aims to keep businesses, and SMEs avoid such losses. Enterprises can leverage the newly announced Managed Security Services from Vodafone and Accenture to keep their data and business secure from potential cyber threats.

On top of this, Vodafone is relaunching its one-year free broadband offer for small businesses in the UK. The offer is slated to go live from May 7, 2021, i.e., today.

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