Bharti Airtel Has Lodged an FIR Against a Local Firm for Damaging Its Infrastructure

Airtel on Thursday filed an FIR against a local firm for repeated damage to the company's network infrastructure


Early on Thursday, telecom provider, Bharti Airtel raised accusations against a local internet service provider for repeatedly damaging its network infrastructure.

This in some ways impacts the ability of the telco to provide continuous, undisturbed broadband services in areas in and around Gurugram. The FIR has been lodged with the accused having been charged for stealing Bharti Airtel’s underground cables, stated the Police.

Claims from Bharti Airtel officials state that for the entirety of the past month, their optical fibre network was being repeatedly damaged by the accused, whose name has not been disclosed as of now.

This has led to a bit of a disruption when it comes to the uninterrupted broadband service that Airtel wishes to provide to its users. Furthermore, the accused was recently caught in the act, as a CCTV picked up their image whilst they were causing the damages.

Talking about this, OP Galhotra, the group director (Security division) stated that of late they have come across several incidents of deliberate damage to Bharti Airtel’s assets in NCR.


He further went on to state that the company wishes to provide exceptional customer service and it hurtful to see these attempts to prevent Airtel from providing good broadband to its customers, that too at a time when the internet is a pivotal feature for most, if not all tasks.

He also stated that due to this disruption, many children are having to face issues that too during the exam session, when one expects their internet to function well, as most exams have moved to the online medium. Those working from home are also unable to work to their full potential. Hence, we have decided to urge the authorities, so as to take strict action against this deliberate sabotage said Galhotra.

Talking about this case, Gurgaon Police spokesperson Subash Boken stated that on the basis of the company’s complaint, a case has been registered under Section 379 (which is related to theft) of the Indian Penal Code against the unnamed accused, at the police station located in New Colony. The Cops are scanning the footage and an investigation is underway, he added.

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