Vodafone 3G Services Now At a Reduced Price

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Vodafone 3G Services Now At a Reduced PriceVodafone today announced an all new pricing of the 3G services for its postpaid customers in Kolkata with the reduction and default or Post Free usage data charges.

Vodafone Mobile Internet Plans start from Rs 100 for postpaid subscribers and offers 100 MB of free data usage as we earlier shared on TelecomTalk. The Mobile Broadband Plans ranges from Rs 650 to Rs 1250 where customers can get data usage of 1GB & 5GB respectively.

Postpaid users will now have to pay 2 paise/10KB (Rs.2 Per MB) post the consumption of free benefit for mobile internet, broadband and integrated plans of data usage for the different tariff plans listed below.Earlier the default data charges or Post Free Usage charges was 10 paise/10kb (Rs.10 per MB)

Postpaid tariff details of 3G offerings

Mobile Internet 100 MB 100 NA ACTMI100 to 111
Mobile Internet 500 MB 375 NA ACTMI375 to 111
Mobile Internet 3 GB 850 NA ACTMI850 to 111
Mobile Internet 5 GB 1250 NA ACTMI1250 to 111
Integrated Plans 500 MB+500mins+ 500 SMS 500 NA NA
Integrated Plans 1000 MB+1000mins+ 1000 SMS 1000 NA NA
Mobile Broadband 1 GB 650 NA NA
Mobile Broadband 3 GB 850 NA NA
Mobile Broadband 5 GB 1250 NA NA

This offer will be applicable to new and existing postpaid customers. Existing postpaid users will be migrated to the 2paise/10KB platform.

This new pricing reflects Vodafone’s constant endeavor to encourage and increase adoption of mobile internet usage among its customers.

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