Uber Rolls Out In-App Chat and Multi-Destination Features for Indian Users

Uber, the ride-sharing app that connects riders with driver partners has announced two new features namely ‘In-app chat’ and ‘multi-destination’ to Indian users. Uber said that the two new features will be rolled out in a phased manner to the Uber users in India. Uber says that these new features will make the Uber experience as frictionless as possible for riders and drivers alike.


Take a look at the two new features by Uber today.

In-App Chat Feature

The all new in-app chat feature aims to help riders and partners get in touch with each other to provide information such as their exact location. As a result, coordinating the pickup can be faster and cost effective, since they don’t have to switch between apps or incur call charges.

Both riders and driver partners will see if their chats are delivered and read, helping to confirm the other actually received the communication. They can even choose to communicate in their preferred local language if required. This features also means that regardless of where they are located across the globe, riders and drivers won’t have to share their phone number with one another should they have to get in touch.


Here’s how the In-App chat feature works:

  • When connected to a driver, a rider should go to the Uber feed and tap “contact” and then “chat”
  • During a POOL trip, the feature lets the driver partner know which rider sent the chat
  • Both riders and driver partners will see if their chats are delivered and read, helping to confirm the other received the communication

Multi-Destination Feature

The multi-destination feature enables riders to add multiple stops along their route. A much useful feature and asked by many users across the globe. Previously, Uber doesn’t allow multiple pick ups, unlike you book the ride as a Uber Pool pickup.


“Whether it’s a ride to the airport and the rider needs to pick up a friend en route, or going home after dinner, and need to drop off a loved one on the way, it’s easier than ever to pick up and drop off your friends or family along the way. This takes just a few taps on the app when requesting a ride. With this feature, riders can sit back and relax during your trip and there’s no need to make any changes,” says Uber.

Here’s how the Multi-Destination feature works:

  • Tap “Where to?”
  • Tap the “+” next to the “Where to?” box
  • Add the addresses of the additional stops en route
  • Riders can also add and remove stops during the trip
  • As a courtesy for driver’s time, it is recommended that each stop is limited to 3 minutes or less.

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Bharat Daga
August 28, 2017 7:42 pm 7:42 PM

Anyway aren’t the drivers posing hazard to other divers when they call while driving?

That uber is bringing new feature of chat! Highly risky.

Deepak Vasudevan
August 28, 2017 5:02 pm 5:02 PM

The chat feature seems to be reviewed. In US at least, AT&T heavily advertises against texting while driving and Uber seems to be introducing a feature which is a serious road security hazard.

Rubel M
August 28, 2017 7:05 pm 7:05 PM

its a risky anyway..for driver and passenger.
its just a nonsense idea..