Twitter New Verification Policy to Come in Effect from January 20, 2021

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A couple of weeks back, Twitter announced that it would be resuming its profile verification process with new updated policies. Now the social media giant has announced that its new profile verification policies will come into effect from January 20, 2021. For the unaware, Twitter ran a survey asking people on what they think the profile verification policy should look like. More than 22,000 responses were submitted to the company, and Twitter said that it helped them make their policy for verification process better. Keep reading ahead to see what areas of the profile verification policy are updated by Twitter based on the survey responses.

New Verification Policy for Twitter

We are going to be focusing on the policy areas where Twitter has made changes. The first change that Twitter has brought to the verification policy is that a profile can be called complete without any bio or header image. Secondly, Twitter has updated its references with Wikipedia so that the standards of notability and article quality are high.

The third change is that now the ‘News’ category will also include ‘News and Journalists’ followed by the ‘Sports’ category, which will also include ‘Sports and esports’. The company also added a reference in its ‘Entertainment’ category so that the inclusion of digital content creators in the category is more solid. Twitter also changed its policy of looking for a minimum follower count from a ‘per-country’ basis to a ‘per-region’ basis.

Followed by the implementation of these new changes on January 20, 2021, the micro-blogging platform will also seek to include religious leaders, scientists, and academics into the profile verification categories next year.

Twitter to Remove Verification Badges from Existing Verified Accounts

With the implementation of these new policies, a lot of verified accounts might be losing their verification badges soon. All the incomplete and inactive account will lose the blue-tick. A complete Twitter account as per the new verification policies would mean an account which has a verified email address or phone number, a display name, and a profile image.

But the verified users don’t need to worry. Before the removal of the verification badge, Twitter will send a notification about the same for changes that need to be made in the profile. If the changes are made in time, the verification status will remain.

As for people who are no longer alive, to remember them, Twitter will verify their account with a ‘Memorial’ badge. It has plans for adding two new types of accounts, namely ‘Automated Accounts’ for identifying bot accounts and ‘Memorial Accounts’ for identifying accounts of people who have passed away.

You can find all the new verification policies of Twitter here.

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