Telstra and Ericsson Validate VoNR Through RedCap on Commercial 5G Network

Telstra and Ericsson have announced Australia's first implementation and validation of 5G VoNR call using RedCap software, enhancing connectivity experiences for users.


  • The demonstration took place on Telstra's operational 5G network, utilizing a MediaTek RedCap testing device.
  • RedCap software represents an innovative 5G capability with reduced chipset costs, simplified complexity, and support for higher data rates.
  • This achievement sets the stage for advanced 5G applications and innovations, enhancing connectivity experiences.

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Telstra and Ericsson Achieve First VoNR Call Using RedCap Software
Australian telco Telstra and Ericsson today announced Australia's first implementation and validation of Voice over New Radio (VoNR) using Ericsson's pre-commercial Reduced Capability (RedCap) software on Telstra's 5G commercial network using a MediaTek RedCap testing device.

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VoNR Breakthrough

As per the joint statement, Telstra and Ericsson utilised the VoNR feature, where a voice call was made using a MediaTek RedCap testing device. The VoNR call was successfully conducted on a frequency division duplex (FDD) in Box Hill, Victoria. This achievement signifies the commencement of ongoing testing and validation of this new 5G capability on Telstra's network.

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RedCap Software

RedCap is a new 5G capability that builds upon the advancements seen in 4G IoT technologies like Cat-M and Narrowband-IoT. Ericsson's RedCap offers a host of benefits, including reduced device chipset costs, simplified complexity, lower power consumption, and support for higher data rates and key 5G service enablers delivered via 5G standalone Network.

According to the statement, this successful VoNR call, achieved through the utilisation of RedCap on Telstra's commercial 5G network, showcases the potential of the new software to enhance the functionality of wearable devices such as smartwatches. Furthermore, Ericsson said RedCap will unlock new service possibilities, including extended battery life, augmented and virtual reality capabilities, and enhanced video monitoring.

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Perspective of Telstra and Ericsson

Telstra stated: "This evolution of the latest 5G technology capability provides so many more opportunities for intelligent IoT devices to enhance our everyday lives. Using less power and being capable of delivering our customers more value is something that Telstra is incredibly committed to."

"With this Australia-first Voice over New Radio call using the Ericsson Reduced Capability software, Telstra is paving the way for new 5G use cases and enhancing uses across consumer, industrial and enterprise devices that don't require the full range of 5G's capabilities. We're pleased to be working with Telstra and MediaTek to make this Voice over New Radio call, and push the boundaries of technology by bringing greater 5G capabilities to the ecosystem," said Ericsson.

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The successful implementation of RedCap software on Telstra's network sets the stage for the next level of 5G innovation and application.

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