Telemor and SES Renew Partnership for Enhanced Mobile Connectivity in Timor-Leste

The Timor-Leste mobile operator renews its partnership with SES to boost mobile connectivity. With mobile subscriptions soaring, the collaboration promises improved internet access for millions.


  • Telemor and SES continue their partnership in Timor-Leste.
  • Expansion benefits up to 1.4 million users, including remote areas.
  • Seamless access to video, voice, and online services.

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telemor ses partnership mobile connectivity timor leste
Timor-Leste's mobile operator, Telemor (Viettel Timor Unipessoal Lda), has extended its partnership with SES for another eight years. This collaboration, in effect since 2015, aims to enhance mobile connectivity in the region. Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite system of SES will enable Telemor to deliver improved mobile broadband services across the island country in Asia, said the statement.

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SES's MEO Satellite System

Under this renewed agreement, Telemor will leverage SES's O3b constellation, operating in medium earth orbit (MEO), to deliver upgraded mobile connectivity services to both residents and businesses in Timor-Leste.

Meeting the Growing Demand

With mobile phone subscriptions in Timor-Leste reaching 106.5 per 100 people in 2023, Telemor said it will continue matching the growing users' demand for bandwidth. The expansion is expected to benefit up to 1.4 million users, including those in remote areas, ensuring seamless access to video applications, voice communication, and online services.

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Efficient Delivery Through CDNs

According to the statement, the partnership will facilitate uninterrupted access to data-intensive online services delivered via Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), enabling efficient handling of daily online requests from subscribers.

SES's and Telemor's Vision for Timor-Leste

SES stated, "As Timor-Leste looks to accelerate digital inclusion and offer adequate speed and qualitative connectivity, we at SES are thrilled to see how much high-performance, low-latency, satellite-enabled connectivity will bring online services closer to the East Timorese population."

"For the last couple of years, we have been cementing our position as the leading operator with the highest number of subscriptions in Timor-Leste and are committed to delivering the superior internet experience needed by our subscribers. Living by the slogan "Telemor - Hetan diak liu (Deliver better life)," we remain committed to our mission to bring the best services as well as the latest and most integrated technology to serve the Timorese" stated Viettel Timor Unipessoal Lda.

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Digital Inclusion

This initiative aligns with Timor-Leste's mission to accelerate digital inclusion and provide reliable, high-quality connectivity. Telemor is poised to deliver improved internet experiences and the latest technology, ultimately unlocking digitally-enabled economic opportunities, even in remote regions.

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