SES Completes C-Band Clearing, Paving the Way for 5G Rollout in US

SES receives FCC validation for Phase 2 accelerated C-band clearing, meeting commitments for rapid 5G service deployment in the US. This achievement comes after successful Phase I activities in 2021.


  • Commitment to FCC's program for swift 5G service deployment fulfilled.
  • Key achievements include satellite launches, service repacking, and equipment modifications.
  • Phase 2 relocation finished ahead of the set deadline.

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SES Completes C-Band Clearing for 5G Rollout in US

Luxembourg-based satellite communications company SES announces the US Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) validation of the certification of its Phase 2 accelerated C-band clearing and relocation activities. Following the successful completion of Phase 1 activities in 2021, this accomplishment represents a significant step forward in SES's commitment to the FCC's initiative to clear a segment of the C-band spectrum, enabling the rollout of 5G services across the United States.

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SES's Phase 2 C-Band Clearing for 5G Rollout

Certification Validation

SES said it has received validation from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the certification of its Phase 2 accelerated C-band clearing and relocation activities. This achievement follows the successful completion of Phase 1 activities in 2021.

Fulfilling FCC Commitment

By achieving this milestone, SES has fulfilled its commitment to the FCC's program aimed at clearing a portion of the C-band spectrum. This clearing is essential for rapidly deploying 5G services across the United States. This includes adhering to transition activities outlined in its Transition Plan.

Satellite Launches

SES launched five new satellites as part of Phase 2 activities as reported by TelecomTalk. These satellites continue to enable the broadcast delivery of digital television to approximately 120 million TV homes and provide crucial data services within the upper 200 MHz of the C-band (4000-4200 MHz).

Service Repacking and Relocation

All of SES's C-band downlink services within the continental United States (CONUS) have been repacked into the upper 200 MHz of the C-band. Additionally, associated Incumbent Earth Stations across CONUS have been relocated to the same spectrum.

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Equipment Changes

SES made necessary equipment changes to associated Incumbent Earth Stations to ensure seamless service continuity during and after the transition. This included providing passband filters to block signals from the 3700-4000 MHz band to all associated Incumbent Earth Stations in Conus.

Telemetry and Control Operations

Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C) operations were modified to receive telemetry data above the 4000 MHz band. Gateway operations were consolidated into SES's Brewster and Hawley facilities.

Phase II Relocation Ahead of Schedule

In line with the FCC's Report and Order issued on March 3, 2020, SES has met the Phase 2 relocation requirements well before the December 5, 2023 deadline. As a result, SES is eligible to receive an accelerated relocation payment of USD 2.99 billion (before tax of 18-19 percent), expected in Q4 2023.

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SES emphasized the successful execution of a strategic project that enables the FCC to introduce the next generation of 5G connectivity and innovation in the United States. The company highlighted that its careful transition approach ensures uninterrupted C-band broadcast and radio services for millions of American homes.

SES's Phase 2 C-band clearing accomplishment reinforces its commitment to advancing 5G connectivity and innovation, positioning the United States at the forefront of technological progress.

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