Telefonica Movistar Enhances 5G Coverage in Spain’s Tourist Destinations for Summer

Movistar Spain strengthens its 5G network in 500 touristic municipalities, offering enhanced connectivity to coastal and inland areas during the summer season.


  • Movistar expands 5G coverage in 500 touristic municipalities in Spain.
  • 442 coastal towns and 56 inland municipalities benefit from enhanced connectivity.
  • 14 Temporary units installed for high-demand events and camping sites.

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Telefonica Movistar Enhances 5G Coverage in Spain’s Tourist Destinations for Summer

Movistar Spain has announced expanding its 5G coverage this summer to cater to the connectivity needs of tourists in 500 touristic municipalities across the country in both coastal and inland areas, which experience a significant influx of visitors during the summer season.

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Extensive Coverage

The company has deployed additional 5G infrastructure in various regions to ensure a seamless network experience. According to the statement, the communities that have witnessed the deployment of 5G sites by Movistar to meet the summer connectivity demands are Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Galicia, Cantabria, and Asturias.

Nevertheless, Movistar says its Network is present in municipalities across all autonomous communities in Spain to ensure widespread 5G coverage. These temporary installations will remain in place even after the summer season concludes.

Movistar's 5G network now covers 442 coastal towns, ensuring nationwide coverage along the coastline. Movistar said the coverage extends to small coastal communities like Muxia and Cudillero, as well as larger and more popular destinations such as Fuengirola and Torrevieja.

According to Movistar, its 5G coverage is available in 56 inland municipalities that experience increased visitor traffic during the summer. Movistar also noted that even small towns with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, such as Esterri d'Aneu (Lleida), Parada del Sil (Ourense), Enix (Almería), and Villares del Saz (Cuenca), are equipped with Movistar's 5G network.

Temporary Units for High-Demand Events

As a notable measure this year, Movistar said it will install a total of 14 temporary units to address connectivity needs in areas with a significant surge in demand during specific events like music festivals or highly occupied summer camping sites that experience lower usage during the rest of the year.

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Utilizing 700 MHz and 3,500 MHz Bands

Movistar's summer deployment plan includes utilizing both the 700 MHz and 3,500 MHz frequency bands. These two complementary bands offer enhanced coverage for indoor spaces like residences (utilizing 700 MHz) and increased speeds across larger areas (using 3,500 MHz).

With this summer deployment, which requires months of planning in advance, Movistar said it continues to expand its 5G coverage. The network already reaches over 85 percent of the population, with nodes installed in 40 million inhabited areas and more than 2,000 municipalities throughout Spain.

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Nationwide Reach and Public-Private Collaboration

Movistar's enhanced 5G coverage in Spain's touristic destinations this summer reflects public-private collaboration nationwide to meeting the growing demand for fast and reliable connectivity, ensuring that both residents and visitors can enjoy seamless communication and internet access during their travels.

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