Tata Sky Broadband Plans Come With Data Rollover Feature In a Bid to Outcompete Others

Tata Sky Broadband is offering plans with data carryover for its fixed GB broadband plans

  • Tata Sky Broadband has unlimited and fixed GB plans
  • The speeds start at 25 Mbps For Tata Sky Broadband plans
  • There are plans with 100 Mbps speeds as well

Tata Sky happens to be the top DTH provider as we speak right now. The DTH company has surpassed the now second-ranking Dish TV to take the top spot when it comes to DTH operations. However, Tata Sky also has a broadband wing and owing to its extensive last-mile connectivity, the company has been able to cover some of the most prominent cities in India where it is now offering broadband services to the customers. However, the broadband industry in India is no less competitive right now. In the run-up to the launch of JioFiber, all the other broadband service provider have been ramped up their offerings to lure the subscribers towards their plans. Tata Sky Broadband is not behind in this part. Now, Tata Sky Broadband portfolio is filled with two types of plans which offer either unlimited data or fixed GB data. There is also the fact that the Tata Sky Broadband plan does not provide any other fancy additional benefit apart from the core services. But, there is one feature which attracts the attention of the customers towards Tata Sky Broadband, and that is the data carryover feature.


Tata Sky Data Carryover Feature

It is worth noting that Tata Sky Broadband is one of the very few broadband service providers in India who are offering the data carryover feature to their subscribers. For the unaware, the data carryover is a popular functionality found on the postpaid plans of telecom operators. The data carryover feature basically allows the subscribers to keep their data intact and unused for usage in the next month. For example, the data FUP of a plan is 100GB, and the customers only use 50GB of the data, then next month, the subscribers would be able to use 150GB data. This feature works especially well for the users who have less data usage and might want to use that data on a later stage.

Tata Sky Broadband offers the data carryover feature for all its fixed GB plans. Also, the speeds for these Tata Sky Broadband plans range from 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps. The interested customers should also note that the Tata Sky Broadband plans do not only come with this benefit, but there are other benefits as well to these Tata Sky Broadband apart from data rollover. For example, if the subscribers will get the Tata Sky Broadband plan for three months in the Mumbai region, they would get the benefit of a free router and a free installation as well. When the subscribers of these plans further go up the subscription period and opt for a subscription of 6 months, they would be able to enjoy an additional 10% as well. In the 12 months subscription period, the discount gets upped to 15% for the subscribers of Tata Sky Broadband. Hence, data rollover, free router and discounts are some of the things that make Tata Sky Broadband plans attractive.


Other Broadband Providers Offering Data Carryover

It is also crucial to note, that we mentioned that Tata Sky Broadband is one of the ‘few’ broadband operators that comes with the data carryover feature, and there are other operators also who offer this feature. These operators include You Broadband and Spectra. Apart from this, Tata Sky Broadband also offers some attractive unlimited data broadband plans which have been revised recently. These plans also come at attractive rates and offer benefits like a free router and discounts on long-term subscriptions.

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