Tata Sky Customers Can Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick With No Additional Cost On a New HD Connection

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Tata Sky has recently become the top DTH operator in the country, and it is because of the consumer-centric moves of the DTH operator and the right cards which it has played. Because of all this, the DTH operator has finally been able to replace the former king of the DTH sector, Dish TV. While DTH on its own is a very lucrative service to offer for these companies, there has been a new trend in the industry to ship OTT content alongside their DTH connection so that the subscribers do not go astray from their TV screens. While other DTH operators have been doing with the way of Hybrid Set-Top Boxes, Tata Sky has other means to accomplish it, and it happens to be through the Tata Sky Binge service. Now, the Tata Sky Binge service does come with a lot of benefits, and definitely, there is the hint of uniqueness to it when it is compared to other OTT based offerings, but the Amazon Fire TV Stick remains the main highlight of the Tata Sky Binge Service.


Tata Sky Binge Explained

The other DTH operators offer many ways to access OTT content with your DTH connection, and one of the popular ways happens to be through a Hybrid Set-Top Box. However, since Tata Sky does not offer a Hybrid Set-Top Box, it does it through the Tata Sky Binge service. Now, under the Tata Sky Binge service, the subscribers do not have to pay any upfront amount to Tata Sky. But, instead, they are charged a monthly subscription fee for the service, which is Rs 249 per month. With this subscription, the biggest benefits that the subscribers get is the Amazon Fire TV Stick which they get for no additional cost. The customers get a special Tata Sky edition of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and it comes for Rs 3,999 if the subscribers were to buy it separately. This Tata Sky edition of the Amazon Fire TV Stick also comes with Alexa remote, which as you can imagine, will accept your voice commands as well.

Uniqueness of Tata Sky Binge Service

Now the uniqueness of the Tata Sky Binge services does not only lie in the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but for Rs 249 per month, the Tata Sky Binge service offers you a subscription to various content services as well. So, for example, in Rs 249 per month, the subscribers get access to content from Hotstar, Hungama Play and SunNxt, as well as Tata Sky’s library of VOD content. Not only this but missed TV shows on your DTH connection will also be available to the subscribers for seven days as part of Tata Sky Binge.

Why You Should Consider Getting Tata Sky Binge

The benefits of Tata Sky Binge are multifold, the first of them being the free Amazon Fire TV Stick. If the subscribers were to buy it separately, it would cost much more, but with this service, it is bundled in the monthly subscription as well, although the subscribers will have to return it on stopping the services. Not only this, but the subscribers also get access to various content streaming services, the cost of which is already covered by the monthly rental which the customers pay for the service. In addition to this, the customers of Tata Sky Binge enjoy one month free trial period as well. Also, the monthly subscription service helps the subscribers in saving up on subscription costs.

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