Tata Sky Value Added Service Channels: Price and Details

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There are multiple value-added service channels on offer from Tata Sky. Tata Sky provides its users with a ton of useful quality services and that is the reason why it has been the leading DTH operator of India for a long time now. Airtel also offers value-added service channels to its users. There is very little difference between the value-added service channels from the two DTH operators. There more than 30 value-added service channels on offer by Tata Sky and all of them cater to a certain kind of need. Take a look at all the value-added service channels.

Tata Sky Value Added Service Channels Trending at the Moment

First Tata Sky value-added service channel which is trending right now is ‘Tata Sky Classic Cinema’ and is available for Rs 59 per month. Then there is the ‘Tata Sky Fun Learn’ which is available to the customers for Rs 60/month. ‘Tata Sky Darshan’ which is a trending service is totally free at the moment.

Then there are two more channels in the trending list which are available at Rs 59 per month and they are - ‘Tata Sky Aradhana’ and ‘Tata Sky Fitness’. Talking about popular entertainment channels, there are three channels trending at Rs 60 per month. First one is ‘Tata Sky Comedy’ followed by ‘Tata Sky Hollywood Local’ and ‘Tata Sky Seniors’. There are two more channels on offer for Rs 75/month which are trending and provide entertainment content — ‘Tata Sky Theatre’ and ‘Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere’.

There are some more free value-added service channels on offer at the moment — ‘Tata Sky Family Health’, ‘Tata Sky Classroom’, and ‘Tata Sky Bhojpuri Sanima’. Then there are two service channels which are priced very expensive. ‘Tata Sky Vedic Maths’ and ‘Tata Sky Smart Manager’ each come for Rs 300 per month.

Tata Sky Vedic Maths offers a long course in Vedic maths to the customers so that they can increase their knowledge and be really sharp in all the competitive exams they appear on. Talking about the ‘Tata Sky Smart Manager’, it offers customers knowledge on how they can develop their soft skills and become really smart in a work environment.

There are Tata Sky Value-added service channels which come in different languages. For people who want to watch Telugu, they can subscribe to the ‘Tata Sky Telugu Cinema’ and people who want to watch Tamil they can watch ‘Tata Sky Tamil Cinema’. There are channels for people who want to watch content in Kannada and Marathi as well as more languages. With its value-added service channels, Tata Sky has made sure that its customers are enjoying their content in the way they want to.

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