Syv to Begin 5G Network Deployment in Mantyharju and Mikkeli

Telco giants Telia and DNA, through their joint venture Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy (SYV), are set to commence the construction of a 5G network in the Finnish municipalities of Mantyharju and Mikkeli. The deployment of the 5G network will enhance connectivity, improve services, and provide significant benefits to both residents and local businesses.


  • Telia and DNA's joint venture, Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy (SYV), to commence 5G network construction in Mantyharju and Mikkeli.
  • 5G technology empowers local enterprises through tailored solutions and advanced connectivity options.
  • Upgrading telecommunications infrastructure in Mantyharju and Mikkeli to support the rollout of the 5G network.

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Syv to Begin 5G Network Deployment in Mantyharju and Mikkeli

Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy (Syv), jointly owned by telecommunications companies Telia and DNA, is gearing up to kickstart the construction of a 5G network in the Finnish municipalities of Mantyharju and Mikkeli. The deployment of the 5G network is set to commence in June, with the completion of the deployment work expected to bring about a significant increase in network capacity, according to Telia.

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In addition to bolstering the capacity of 4G connections, the 5G network will pave the way for enhanced connectivity and improved services.

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Popular Holiday Destinations in Finland

Syv has been working towards the establishment of a comprehensive 5G network, and now the construction phase is ready to commence in Mikkeli and Mantyharju. The latter is renowned for being one of Finland's most popular destinations for holiday homes, making the provision of reliable and high-speed telecommunications services a crucial aspect of catering to the influx of seasonal visitors.

Benefits for Residents and Businesses

According to the statement, seamless and reliable internet connections during the summer season are vital for smooth vacations and remote work. With the launch of 5G, both Mantyharju and Mikkeli residents will experience the convenience of uninterrupted streaming services, high-quality video calls, and seamless access to television programs.

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The 5G deployment will provide local businesses with a single high-speed connection that caters to all their needs, including mobility, office connectivity, home networks, backup connections, and network sharing.

Given the presence of several major industrial companies in the region, fast and reliable telecommunications connections to the rest of the world are essential for their operations.

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Private Networks and Advanced Connectivity

As for larger enterprises, the introduction of 5G technology enables them to establish private networks tailored to their specific requirements. These private networks offer low latency, guaranteed capacity, and closed networks for real-time critical applications.

In areas with high-frequency 5G coverage, fixed 5G connections provide office-like internet or corporate network connections with guaranteed capacity.

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Telia said the construction of the 5G network in Mantyharju and Mikkeli will begin on June 2nd and is expected to conclude on July 13. The project involves upgrading a total of 41 telecommunications towers across various areas.

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