Scala Data Centers Launches Latin America’s Second Largest Vertical Data Center

Scala Data Centers launches the 6 MW IT SGRUTB05 data center, the second largest vertical data center in Latin America, reaffirming its position in the Hyperscale market. The facility, located in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is dedicated to a single Hyperscale customer and showcases Scala's commitment to sustainability and advanced infrastructure solutions.


  • Scala Data Centers introduces the second largest vertical data center in Latin America, SGRUTB05.
  • The facility, located in Barueri, Brazil, is dedicated to serving a single Hyperscale customer.
  • The data center is powered by certified renewable energy, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency.

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Scala Data Centers Launches Latin America's Second Largest Vertical Data Center

Scala Data Centers, the leading sustainable data centre platform in Latin America's Hyperscale market, has announced the inauguration of its latest venture, the 6 MW IT SGRUTB05 data centre. With impressive size and advanced features, SGRUTB05 now stands as Latin America's second-largest vertical data centre, signalling Scala's commitment to providing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions.

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Largest Vertical Data Centre - SGRUTB05

Located within the Tambore Campus in Barueri, Sao Paulo, SGRUTB05 is a single-tenant facility dedicated to serving a Hyperscale customer. The facility also has a reserved capacity of 100 MW to be distributed in other Data centres. Scala's SGRUTB04, the largest vertical data centre of the Latin American market, is also located around.

SGRUTB05 Facility Specifications

The new data centre spans a total built area of 6,700 square meters and stands at a height of 35.5 meters. With five floors in total, three of them dedicated to data halls, SGRUTB05 boasts a high density of approximately 400 racks and offers a total power capacity of almost 9 MW.

The implementation of the site follows Scala's renowned One Scala Template methodology, developed by its Center of Excellence in Engineering (CoE), ensuring the highest standards of design, project management, construction, and commissioning.

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Facility Operates on Renewable Energy

According to the statement, Sustainability remains at the core of Scala's ethos, and SGRUTB05 is no exception. The data centre operates exclusively on certified renewable energy, ensuring minimal environmental impact. With a remarkable Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.4, SGRUTB05 stands as a benchmark for energy efficiency in the industry.

Additionally, Scala says the data centre is air-cooled, eliminating the need for water usage and achieving a Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) equivalent to zero. SGRUTB05 also meets the rigorous specifications of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications for sustainable buildings and is ANSI/TIA-942-B rated 3, attesting to the highest construction and design standards.

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Expanding Presence and Growth Plans

With SGRUTB05 now operational, Scala's portfolio expands to include seven data centres across Brazil. In addition to the facilities at the Tambore Campus, Scala operates data centres in Sao Paulo City, Campinas City (Sao Paulo state), and Sao Joao de Meriti (Rio de Janeiro state).

According to the statement, The data centres currently under construction at the Tambore Campus secure a remarkable 90 MW of hired capacity and 170 MW of booked capacity for Hyperscale customers, making it the largest data centre campus in Latin America and one of the top five worldwide.

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Scala's Date Centre Sites

Scala's growth trajectory continues with ambitious plans for new data centre sites at the Tambore Campus, as well as expansion into Porto Alegre city (Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil), Curauma, and Lampa (Chile), and advanced projects in Jundiai city (Sao Paulo state, Brazil), Chile, Mexico, and Colombia.

Since its establishment in 2020, Scala has invested over BRL 6 billion in its projects across Latin America and aims to achieve a distributed capacity of 500 MW within the next five years, solidifying its presence in the four countries it operates.

The inauguration of SGRUTB05 marks another milestone in Scala's journey toward providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and driving digital transformation across Latin America.

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