How to Use Samsung TV Plus for Entertaining Yourself

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Samsung TV Plus has become one of the renowned streaming services around the globe. The Smart TV video service offers instant access to news, sports, entertainment and much more. You can simply turn on your TV and open the gates of hassle-free entertainment options. The best feature of the Samsung TV Plus is that it is amalgamated with your Samsung TV. You do not have to install any external device or go through the sign-up process to enjoy the service. The smart TV video service is constantly upgraded to elevate the experience of users.

How Can You Get Samsung TV Plus?

Accessing Samsung TV Plus is easy. You do not have to download any additional app or insert your credit card information for the services. You can simply turn on your TV, and Samsung TV Plus will instantly start. You can navigate to the Samsung TV Plus using the app bar located at the bottom of your TV screen.

Samsung TV Plus offers an array of channels that provide news, sports and entertainment content. You also get recommended list of channels that feature the most popular and widely watched channels on Samsung TV Plus. You must always keep an eye on the recommended section for new shows and channels for an interactive experience.

Can you Delete Channels from Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus offers complete flexibility to users and allows them to delete the channels which they do not want to watch. The smart TV video service adds new channels on a frequent basis. To delete the channels from Samsung TV Plus, press the home on your TV remote and navigate to Samsung TV Plus. Navigate to the channel list and select the edit channels option. Select the channels which you want to delete and click on delete to remove the channels from your Samsung TV Plus channel list.

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