Samsung and OPTAGE Teams Up to Build Japan’s Private 5G Network

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Samsung Electronics has announced today that they will be implementing a dedicated private 5G network along with OPTAGE Inc., which is a Japanese Service Provider. This collaboration between the two companies would deploy a real-time video monitoring system at a plant facility in Japan.

More on the Private 5G solution by Samsung

Cameras located throughout the plant and multiple devices will transmit 4K Ultra-HD based live-streaming videos supported by the private 5G network. With the motive of conducting site maintenance from a control centre, the video will be transmitted to a remote maintenance system. This will not only eliminate the need for technician visits at accessible points in the plant but also ensure early detection of failures, improved productivity and efficiency.

Samsung is an established name in the 5G space, and these 5G solutions will act as a resilient backbone to the plant’s private network. The solutions provided by Samsung would include end-to-end 5G solutions that consist of its latest radios, baseband unit and Compact Core. Samsung’s Compact Core provides organisations with an advanced 5G core solution. It runs on single server hardware and is typically ideal for environments with limited footprints and resources. This Compact Core is cloud-native and fully containerized.

Private 5G Networks Have Immense Potential: Samsung

Satoshi Iwao, Vice President and Head of Network Division at Samsung Electronics Japan, commented on the project by saying that Samsung is proud to leverage their private 5G network solutions to provide new 5G use cases and services. He further noted that these solutions boost productivity and safety for various organisations. Samsung believes that private 5G networks have immense potential and are ready-made to transform the organisation landscape. He added that Samsung looks forward to continuing their collaboration with OPTAGE to support private 5G network expansion in Japan.

Samsung has become a pioneer in successfully delivering 5G end-to-end solutions, including chipsets, radios and core. With a market-leading product portfolio, and ongoing research and development, Samsung leads the market to advance 5G networks from fully virtualized RAN and Core to private network solutions and AI-powered automation tools. It is presently delivering network solutions to mobile operators that provide connectivity to millions of customers around the globe.

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