Samsung Might Rope In LG Chem to Supply Batteries For its Upcoming Flagships

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Samsung is trying its best to get over the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The company recently revealed the fault in the flagship and the reasons that lead to the downfall. Taking a cue from the past mistakes, especially in the battery segment, the South Korean giant might rope in LG as a battery provider for its upcoming flagships.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rear-Facign Primary Camera & Heart-Rate Monitor

The rumour mills are abuzz with the alleged discussions going on between LG and Samsung. It is not the first time when such reports have surfaced about Samsung taking third-party help to handle battery issues created by its in-house battery division. A report published by Chosun Ilbo newspaper states that LG's battery division, known as LG Chem is in talks with Samsung for supplying battery assistance for the upcoming Samsung flagships.

This step will bring diversification in Samsung's supplier base. Until now, Samsung has SDI and Amperex Technology (ATL) from China as its main battery suppliers. After Note7, Samsung is making significant changes to its supplier base, especially for the battery segment. This is where LG seems to be stepping in and taking the cookie.

We hope that after the shuffle in its supplier's list, Samsung reclaims its dominance over the flagship segment. The upcoming Galaxy S8 has got a lot at stake. It would be interesting to see if the alleged talks between Samsung and LG turn out to be something concrete and we get to see the tech majors working together.

Also, this won't be the first time when LG Chen would supply battery to rival companies. It manufactures smartphone batteries for Apple as well.


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