Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Differences Explained

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Samsung made the Galaxy Buds Live official in its event held on August 5, 2020. The Galaxy Buds Live are TWS earphones. The unique thing about these TWS earphones is their design. None of the other tech companies offers TWS earphones with such a design. People might be wondering after the launch of Galaxy Buds Live that how does it compete against the Apple AirPods Pro. AirPods Pro was launched in India last year and it got a positive response from the market. Let’s look at all the differences between Galaxy Buds Live and Apple AirPods Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Design and Comfort

Samsung launched the most unusual looking TWS earphones in the market. They look like beans but fit perfectly inside the ears. The Galaxy Buds Live are more of a fashion statement than AirPods Pro. There are smooth elegant curves in the Galaxy Buds Live and the charging case of the earphones open up like a wedding ring.

The Galaxy Buds Live come with rubber tips and wingtips ultimately making them a better option for comfort over the AirPods Pro. The only issue that can come up with the design of the Galaxy Buds Live is that they might be uncomfortable in fitting for people with odd ear shapes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Sound and ANC

If you want a richer sound and higher bass, then Galaxy Buds Live are what you want. That said, AirPods Pro isn’t bad either. The sound quality difference is not very big, but noticeable. AirPods Pro just fall behind when focused on the bass quality.

At the same time, active noise cancellation (ANC) is much better with the AirPods Pro. Galaxy buds Live also has good ANC but compared to AirPods Pro, it isn’t the best. Samsung’s website says that they have done it deliberately to allow the person to also be aware of what’s going on or being announced near them. Apple also allows its users to switch the AirPods Pro to ‘transparent’ ANC mode which then makes it less strong and lets the external sound come in.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Voice Assistants

Samsung’s voice assistant is Bixby and Apple’s voice assistant is Siri. However, a person can connect their Galaxy Buds Live or AirPods Pro with either Android or iOS devices. The voice assistants are very responsive in both the Galaxy Buds Live and AirPods Pro. Voice assistants can be simply activated by voice commands or a touch gesture can also be used to trigger them. With the help of voice assistants, users can send messages, play music, call someone without using their hands at all.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Battery Life

The battery is the most important aspect of TWS earphones after sound quality. Both the Galaxy Buds Live and AirPods Pro have a good battery backup. One thing to remember is that ANC takes up extra battery.

Samsung has claimed that Galaxy Buds Live can run up to 21 hours in a single charge with ANC on. Apple, on the other hand, claims that AirPods Pro can run up to 24 hours for streaming music with ANC on. Both the TWS earphones can be charged with a wireless case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Connectivity

Both the Galaxy Buds Live and AirPods Pro require Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. Samsung users can connect the Galaxy Buds Live simply by opening the case near their devices. It is the same with Apple users trying to connect the AirPods Pro. So there is not much hassle in connectivity and it happens quickly. If the user has a device of some other company, then there is the option to go to Bluetooth settings and try traditional pairing.

As for the range of connectivity, the AirPods Pro has a much longer range of connectivity compared to the Galaxy Buds Live. AirPods Pro can support good connectivity even while the user is walking around door to door inside their house and completing chores.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Pro: Price

Apple AirPods were launched in India for a price of Rs 24,900 but users can purchase it from Amazon at a lower rate of Rs 23,900. The Apple AirPods Pro comes with IPX4 sweat and water resistance but they are only available in one colour - White.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is launched for a price of $169.99 (roughly translating to Rs 12,745) which is much cheaper than the AirPods Pro and offer a great value. The Indian pricing for the product is not yet out but it will be very soon. It is available in a total of three colours — mystic black, mystic bronze, and white.

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