Samsung Announces Clever 5G Radio That Integrates Several Antennas

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Samsung recently held the ‘Samsung Networks: Redefined’ event in which it showcased its newly developed network technologies. One of the announcements made by the South Korean tech giant was the new 5G radio with integrated antennas. Samsung has named it ‘One Antenna Radio’.

The speciality of this new 5G radio from Samsung is that it integrates several antennas into a single form factor. Samsung has consolidated the 3.5 GHz Massive MIMO radio by integrating it with low-band and mid-band passive antennas.

Samsung to Avail the New 5G Radio by Early 2022

The One Antenna Radio from Samsung will be available for the operators starting early 2022. The company will initially target the European market with its new antenna. It is a very clever solution for the telecom service providers (TSPs) since it will effectively result in less time and less cost for the installation.

One of the biggest challenges that the TSPs face with the 5G rollout is the footprint and space that the new telecom sites will take. But with the One Antenna Radio, operators can ease a little as they won’t have to worry about OPEX or installation issues.

The new Samsung One Antenna Radio will help the operators in three major ways. The first is that it will simplify the installation process. The new radio doesn’t require as much cabling or visual hardware elements that are used by the traditional radios in urban areas. Further, since the new radio comes integrated with several antennas, the companies won’t have to worry about installing multiple antennas and connecting radios.

This will result in a fast installation process and also reduce the labour costs for the company. Lastly, since less space will be required for the radio in the telecom sites and towers, TSPs will be able to reduce their OPEX as the maintenance costs and everything else will be less as well.

It is a really clever solution developed by Samsung and one in which many TSPs all around the world will be interested. Samsung’s network equipment contracts are expected to be boosted in Europe, given that the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE are being ignored now.

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