Review: Huawei E303C HSPA Data Card

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The availability of information at our finger tips is making world smaller by bringing people together overcoming the great physical barriers of latitudes and longitudes across. Now with the advancing technologies in Electronics and Communications it’s easy to carry connectivity solutions and speed in the form of Wireless Modems becoming compact day by day and speeds with the help of HSPA+ Technologies. I recently purchased a Huawei E303C Data card after a lot of selection process from many available devices in the market and just wanted to share it with TT readers.

Huawei E303C-India-review

Why I have selected this Data card?

I neither want any Operator Branding on my Modem nor am I craving for any Bundled Data Offers.

I don’t want to try any unlock/crack/patch software just to unlock and use on any SIM – hassle free.

I just want to use a simple, affordable yet powerful data card so that I can access Any Network with any SIM and subscribe to any Data plan I wish.

If you are also a user with similar interests this is a data card for you.

Huawei E303C HSPA-micro-sim-slot
Huawei E303C Sim Slot

Technical Specifications:

DL: 7.2Mbps, UL: 5.76Mbps.


Micro SD Card Slot: Support up to 32GB.

Support Windows, MAC OS, Linux.

Huawei E303C HSPA-Led
Huawei E303C HSPA LED

Product Highlights:

Supports SMS/Voice Call and USSD.

Works with all SIM cards – Auto Configuration of Access Points.

Plug and play – USB 2.0.

Sleek Design.

Strong Signals with Huawei Rx Diversity.

5 Skins of choice for Mobile Partner GUI.

Huawei E303C GUI
Huawei E303C GUI


For user convenience this device is also equipped with notification.

LEDs so just a glance at the device can let us know on which Network we are.

Green: Connected to 2G Network.

Blue: Connected to 3G Network.

Cyan: Connected to 3G+ Network.

Connection Behaviour:

I have been using it since a week and never faced any Network disconnection issues in the middle of connection at any time of the day.

Heating Issues:

Continuously used it for 8 hours on 2G and the heat generated by the device is optimum for any Tx and Rx device at room temperature. But on 3G after approx 30min of usage the device gets heated up (Usual Behavior) however it doesn’t hamper the speed or product functionality in any way. So, I can say no overheating issues too.

Cloud Storage:

The dongle also comes with Cloud+ Drive support, which gives you free storage of up to 2 GB.

What’s bad?
The device comes with Mobile Partner latest version of software but it doesn’t have data transfer statistics just on the home of the software suite. We need to go to statistics to check the usage. Windows users can also check the usage via the connection manager.

I felt the video calling facility is missing in such a great package to make it a complete wireless solution – also felt like I’m expecting much from a product of such price range.

No USB cable in the box bundled.

Only One choice of color – White.

Showing session statistics (Downloaded and Uploaded) at the end of each session but not during the session – Not a bad actually.

What’s good?

SIM insertion and removal is easy and very convenient –So, no scratches on the SIM.

Hassle free installation.

Auto detects Modem on connection and automatically opens the Mobile Partner suite.

Auto configuration of Access Points except in the case of Virgin Mobile (We need to manually configure it).

Good Network Reception.

Price & Warranty:

The MRP on the Device Box is: Rs 2299/- and I purchased this for a price of Rs 1650/- approximately.

The device comes with 1 year Manufacture warranty.

Over all I’m very satisfied with my selection and a pretty good product from Huawei for accessing Broadband on the go. Dear Readers have you already used this device if so what are your experiences?

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