Reliance Communications revises 3G data packs, withdraws Facebook/WhatsApp/Twitter benefits

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Reliance Communications (RCOM) announced a revision of its 3G data packs. These new packs are in accordance with the recent regulation on prohibition of discriminatory tariffs for data services and principles of net neutrality 2016 passed by TRAI. Recently, Telenor, Airtel and BSNL also withdrew their WhatsApp data packs on similar grounds.


The free WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter benefit under different 3G data packs has been withdrawn. Further, Reliance has withdrawn certain data packs and reduced both validity and data benefit for existing 3G data packs. Also free facebook fridays initiative has been completely withdrawn.

Reliance’s Revised Data Packs Details

AmountExisting benefit Revised benefit
2380 MB for 3 days80 MB for 3 days
53250 MB for 7 days 225 MB for 5 days
73350 MB for 7 dayswithdrawn
92700 MB for 7 days 400 MB 10 days
1231 GB for 7 dayswithdrawn
156600 MB for 21 days 700 MB 14 days
177750 MB for 21 dayswithdrawn
1971 GB for 28 days 1 GB for 21 days
222New plan1 GB for 28 days
2461.5 GB 3G Data+Free FB+TW+WA for 28 days 1.25 GB for 28 days
2471 GB + Rs.100 Promo TT for 28 days1 GB + Rs.30 Promo TT for 28 days
2972 GB 3G Data+Free FB+TW+WA for 28 days1.75 GB for 28 days
3473 GB 3G Data+Free FB+TW+WA for 28 days withdrawn
4482 GB + Rs.200 Promo TT for 28 Dayswithdrawn
4925 GB for 28 dayswithdrawn
6496.5 GB With Free FB+WA+TW 5 GB for 56 days
8495 GB UL With Free FB+WA+TW for 28 dayswithdrawn
99910 GB With Free FB+WA+TW for 28 days 8 GB for 28 days
129815GB for 28 days15 GB for 28 days

The biggest blow was suffered by Reliance Communications when TRAI ruled against discriminatory tariffs for data services based on content. As the company partnered with Facebook to offer free basics service in India.

What do you think about Reliance’s new revised data packs? Let us know through the comments section below!

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