The Upcoming Realme Book Is a Boon in Disguise For Enthusiasts

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Realme Book

Realme had recently started hinting that it could launch the Realme Book, its first laptop in India and across certain other markets. Since then, certain sites have gone on to leak images of the laptop and showcase the key design, with the company itself having tweeted hints about the device and, in recent times, shown interest in Windows 11, further laying claim to the upcoming laptop from the popular Chinese manufacturer.

However, amidst all of the leaks and renders and the subsequent name-calling, considering as to how the product seemed to resemble a certain other company's MacBook series of laptops, people have missed out on a key element that might change due to the Realme Book. That is exactly what we intend to discuss today.

Before we begin, however, it seems fitting to clarify that this article has been written with no association to any company or Realme itself and is rather the author's point of view on the scenario and how the device could have some effect on the overall market. With that said, let us start on why the Realme Book, at least according to us, could be a boon in disguise.

Realme Book: Apple Copycat or Something Different

When you first take a look at the Realme Book's leaked images, you can be forgiven for thinking that it is but a MacBook running Windows and, it seems that many people did seem to think this, as is evident by the widespread reactions to the laptop and the constant supply of memes and jokes regarding the product.

Whilst we too see this to be a very MacBook esque design, it is worth noting that this is not the first time Realme has done something like this. If you remember the Realme Buds Air (1st gen), they were identical to the AirPods in the white hue, which also became a major selling point, at least for a small chunk of the audience.

So, now that we can agree that it is very reminiscent of Apple's Mac, the question of why Realme chooses to do this might come to mind. There are three points that we feel need to be made to clarify this and, why, this approach is not as bad as you would think it to be.

1. The first point is in regards to customer perception. Whilst tech fans and enthusiasts might not like to own a product that is similar to, or in some cases identical to something else, there are customers out there who are mesmerised by certain products and designs, to no fault of their own, but they are unable to access the same, for one reason or the other.

This was the case with the Realme Buds Air. This is not a fixed answer, since we are no market analysts, but, from our personal experience, it has been noted that people really seemed to like how the Realme Buds Air looked and, most of them opted to buy the White one, which was quite compelling due to the factor of being a lookalike to the Apple product.

Buds Air

2. The second reason for doing so could be in relation to Research and Development. Again, this is not a snide comment or insult to the company, but, the use of a similar or sort of similar design could result in savings in research and design, with that extra cash being focused on other kinds of advancements or products, which is quite smart.

3. The final point and, one due to which we think the Realme Book itself will be successful, if not a hot seller is the ability to commercialise a particular feature or design. With Realme Buds Air, certain other brands seemed to launch lookalikes for similar pricing. Another example could be the 90Hz refresh rate panel, something that was a distant dream until 2020 when Realme launched its 6 series. Post that, multiple budget brands were offering higher refresh rate panels, which was a good thing.

This is the exact reason why we believe that the Realme Book could be a good product for the market. From the leaks, we can see that the device might feature a 3:2 panel, something that very few budget brands have to offer.

Now, we understand that generic laptop manufacturers like HP, Dell and Acer might not even consider these smartphone brands as proper competition, but, the launch of the Realme Book could result in more people using and, inadvertently finding the 3:2 panel appealing, forcing other brands to bring a feature or design that is limited to the flagship or mid-range segment, as of now.

Yes, there are certain companies like Acer that offer such panels for cheaper prices, but it is still a market largely governed by the generic 16:9 panel, which is good, but, for anyone like us who have used a 3:2 panel, they would know of the importance and ease of use that comes with such a panel.

As of now, however, the leaks and rumours do seem true and from what we recently saw via a post from the company's employee, it seems the 3:2 panel is a reality, but unless it launches, we cannot say anything for sure. However, we do feel that if a 3:2 panel sporting Realme Book is launched, it could bring within it a change to the market, for the better.

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