Google to Notify Users About Unreliable Search Results

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Google search has nearly provided us with solutions to all our problems. However, there are many instances where search results are not reliable. One of the major reasons behind unreliable search results can be the lack of information about the topic. In a new development, Google will tell the users when the search results are unreliable. The move by Google strives to provide relevant and reliable information to the users. If the results around the topic have a follow-up event, Google will show all the links associated with the post. However, if there is no relevant information around the topic or news, Google will aware the users that the results of the topic are changing rapidly.

Google Systems Have Been Trained to Detect Constant Changing Information

Danny Sullivan, Public Liason for Search, Google expressed his views in a blog post stating that even though Google search results always strive to provide useful links available on the internet, there are some cases where reliable information that users are searching for is not available. Emerging topics and breaking news are likely to fall first under the unreliable bubble since the information is not available in complete form.

However, to provide users with reliable sources, Google has trained its systems to determine the cases where a topic is constantly evolving, and multiple sources are not available to back the information. Google will provide a notice to ask the users to hold for some time and check back later when more information regarding the topic is available.

The New Feature Will Commence From United States

Google revealed that since last year, it was providing similar notices to let users know when Google is not able to find information that matches the search. Also, Google has launched an About This Result Panel to provide users with information about sources they find on Google Search and determine if they are likely to provide trustworthy information. The added context will aid people in making a trusted decision about the sites that can be trusted. Initially, Google plans to roll out the notices in the United States. However, other countries will get the feature in the coming months.

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