Que Mobile International roaming service provider launched in India

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que-international-roamingAn international roaming service provider, Que Mobile, has launched in India with some distinct and unmatchable benefits such as 30 second billing, roaming in Europe without changing the SIM and much more at extremely affordable rates.

Que mobile has a wide scope of operations with over 750 network partners across the globe, users are guaranteed seamless voice and data services like never before. So no matter where one goes, connectivity stays put.

Another unique feature is the billing transparency with no hidden surprises, which is generally lacking in this category. Que Mobile’s system allows you to know exactly what you are paying for. The consumer gets an update with every use, and has easy access to their account for a complete break up of call records, offering consumers the advantage of being able to keep a check on usage. Que Mobile already has a presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan & MP regions respectively,

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