PS5 DualSense Controller to Come in Two New Colours

Sony announced today that it would be offering two new colour variants for its DualSense controller, namely the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black hues

By May 13th, 2021 AT 7:55 PM

PS5 DualSense Controller

Sony has been one of the top video game console makers, having Microsoft’s Xbox as its primary competition. This year saw the company release the PS5, which has been subject to massive demand, to the extent that one needs to keep track of when the next sale for the PS5 will take place.

With the PS5, users have to pair Sony’s DualSense controller for the best gaming experience. The controller has been on offer to date in the white colour variant, but that is set to change, according to the company.

This update comes after a long time, as the PS5 was launched way back in November of 2020, so the announcement of a new colour variant for the DualSense controller, over six months down the line, is not quite fitting with the regular product cycle.

Two New Colours To Be Added For The DualSense Controller

According to a blog post by Sony, the company is ecstatic to announce two new colour variants for its DualSense controller, namely the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variants.

The first of these two, the Midnight Black controller, features subtle shades of black with tones of light grey in an effort to detail how one views space through the night sky. In contrast, the Cosmic Red variant offers a striking design, comprising of a black and red finish inspired by the vivid shades of red found throughout the immense cosmos.

These two colour variants will be on offer at retailers globally starting next month, with the exact date varying from location to location, so it is advised to keep an eye out for the same.

In the words of the company, the DualSense controller marked a departure quite radical in comparison to older controllers, offering features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, both of them being key to the overall playability.

This launch is also the first time the company is announcing new colours for its DualSense controller, marking a bold approach towards its controller lineup.

Also, the company, in celebration of the announcement, was quite excited to share how the developers are taking advantage of the features on offer for the new controllers, with a deep dive on Returnal’s robust haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support coming soon.

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