5 Exclusive Features of the Poco F1 Which Make It the Best Phone in This Price Range

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Xiaomi has launched a phone in India which has been touted to be a threat to the likes of OnePlus 6 and Asus Zenfone 5Z owing to its pricing. The Pocophone F1 (known as Poco F1 in India), launched by the latest sub-brand of Xiaomi comes with impeccable specifications which resemble that of a flagship phone but cost a measly amount which makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd. Further Xiaomi has equipped this phone with new technologies like the Liquid Cooling. Not only that, but the phone also comes with the top-end chipset by Qualcomm as its processor, the Snapdragon 845. At this price range, undoubtedly the Poco F1 is making the rounds of the internet for surpassing many other phones which were said to be the OnePlus killer. So let’s dive right in and see which are the top five features of the Poco F1 which make it a unique offering from Xiaomi.


Poco F1’s Powerful Processor – Snapdragon 845

The most stellar piece of hardware which comes with this phone is the Snapdragon 845 processor which mainly comes at a steal at this price point. Before the Poco F1, the crown of shipping the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone was held by Asus Zenfone 5Z. However, the price tag of the Poco F1 which is just Rs 20,999 is less by Rs 9,000 as compared to the Asus Zenfone 5Z indicating a significant cut of 30% in the costs. It is also worth noting that the Snapdragon 845 remains the most efficient and powerful chipset from the manufacturer Qualcomm, as such the phone eyes the target of dethroning OnePlus from its spot.

Poco F1 Exceptional Audio Quality with Dual Speakers

The Poco F1 brings dual-channel audio onboard, a feature which is again only seen in much higher priced smartphones. The dual channel audio is supported by the two speaker grilles located at the bottom of the phone on either side of the USB Type-C port, making up for impressive sound quality while gaming and listening to videos. The earpiece on the front also contributes to the overall audio output of the device, so you can still hear some treble from the upper side of the phone even if the lower side of the phone is covered. It is also worth noting that dual channel speakers are something that buyers would usually find in smartphones which are double or triple the price of Poco F1.


Poco F1 Liquid Cooling Technology

The Liquid Cooling technology implemented in the Poco F1 makes use of water vapour, dedicated cooling hardware and simple thermodynamics to dissipate heat from the upper body of the phone to the lower side thus maintaining a healthy temperature for the smartphone. The cooling technology especially comes into use when the phone is put through demanding tasks like 4K video playing or gaming for more extended time periods.

Infrared Based Face Unlock Technology

Instead of merely depending on the front camera of the phone, the Poco F1 also utilises the infrared illuminator and the infrared lens to scan the 3D image of the user’s face thus making it almost impossible for someone to trick the face unlock on the device. Thanks to this IR setup on the front, the phone is also able to open using Face Unlock even in darkness. What makes it even better is the price tag at which this feature is being shipped to the users and the exclusivity to the Poco F1.


Textured and Back for Durability

The top variant of the phone with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage also comes in an Armoured Kevlar edition with the back portion of the device covered in textured triple layer Kevlar. As such, the rest of the variants of the Poco F1 come with a polycarbonate body. However, this triple layer Kevlar finish on this variant lends the phone an excitingly premium feel and eliminates the need for a case. Owing to the texture, the phone also doesn’t attract any fingerprints on the back.

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