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Android 12 for TV to Offer 4K UI Rendering, Variable Refresh Rate Support

Google recently announced Android 12 for its Pixel series of smartphones, as well as all other Android smartphones, with the update slated to be pushed to the public later this year. The key difference in contrast to Android 11, which is built on Android 10 is the inclusion of an all-new design and a bunch of worthwhile features that can improve overall usability whilst boosting privacy. To cater to users... Read More

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Google Is Rolling Out Android 12 Beta 3.1 to Fix Beta 3 Bugs

We recently covered the release of the Android 12 beta 3 update for supported devices, with users who have opted for the update having used it for around a week or so. But, if you are one such user, you might be sick of the stability issues that are plaguing this beta release. The beta 1 and beta 2 versions were pretty stable, but, this third iteration seems to have... Read More

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Android 12 Will Trade In-Depth Customisation for Dynamic Theming Options

Google announced Android 12 earlier this year as the successor to Android 11, and, with it, the company decided to opt for a major overhaul, be it design-wise or feature-related, everything is a breath of fresh air on the next generation of Android. With that being said, users are a bit far from enjoying the same. Users have been allowed to use it as part of a beta program and,... Read More

July 15th, 2021 8:30 AM 1 COMMENTS

Android 12 Beta 3 Released, Featuring Much Awaited Scrolling Screenshots

It seems that Google is rapidly working on improving the latest version of Android, Android 12, as it has received its third beta after the release of the second Android 12 beta not too long ago. In relation to Android 12's update timeline, this marks the third update and, it is quite important as it is the last build prior to the OS hitting platform stability, expected later in the... Read More

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Android 12 Will Change How Users Play Games

  Android 12 is being perceived as the biggest change to the Android Operating System (OS) in the last few years. With the Android 12, users will notice fresh UI and more functions that they have never seen on an Android smartphone. The aim of Google is to make Android 12 more user friendly and also make the smartphone experience safer for the users by focusing a great deal on... Read More

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Google Is Releasing Android 12 Beta 2.1 to Fix Beta Build Bugs

Google had recently announced the next version of Android, Android 12 during its Spring showcase and, in doing so, had mentioned that some devices would soon be getting the beta build, primary of those being Pixels. At the start of the month of June, we got to see some of the biggest features touted to accompany the next version of the Android operating system, including the new Privacy Dashboard and... Read More

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Samsung Android 12 Might Arrive in Galaxy S21 Series First

Most of the people loved what Samsung did with the One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 for its smartphones. A lot of users bought Samsung smartphones on the promise of One UI 3.0. Now, as the world moves towards the Android 12, Samsung doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bring an even cooler smartphone experience for its users. The South Korean tech giant is reportedly working... Read More

June 11th, 2021 8:30 AM 1 COMMENTS

You Should Try Android 12’s Second Beta, Here’s Why

Recently, Google rolled out the first beta of its latest Android version, Android 12, which itself was unveiled during Google I/O 2021. Prior to the initial rollout, Google had promised and showcased multiple new features that did not make the cut on the first beta. Now, that is set to change. For concerned users, it will be good to know that Google is finally rolling out beta 2 of Android... Read More

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Android 12 Hints at Google’s Drastic Plans for Pixel Lineup

We will soon get to see Google entering its sixth trial at making its own smartphone under the Pixel branding. The Pixel 6 leaks and rumours have been anything but boring, offering a look into a unique design and a quirky camera module. That does not guarantee a great device though, since the hardware is half of what makes a device good. Software is key and, Google being a software-related... Read More

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Android 12 Will Make Using Third Party App Stores Much Easier, Here’s How

The antitrust lawsuit brewing between Epic Games and Apple over the company's control of the App Store, which is native to iOS and the app ecosystem within it, is coming to a close; Google has come out and explained its plans to provide better support for third-party app stores with Android 12, which was unveiled as part of the company's Google I/O event. In an earlier instance in 2020, Google... Read More

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Android 12 Public Beta Version Is Here: All You Need to Know

Android is the most popular operating system in the smartphone market. This is evident by the majority market share it holds. Google releases a new version of Android every year with a rather unique and catchy naming scheme. This year is the year of Android 12. Google has recently announced the release of the public beta version of the Android 12 on its I/O 2021 Keynote. While the stable version... Read More

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Google I/O 2021 Event Might Bring Pixel 5a and Android 12 Beta

Back in 2020, Google cancelled one of its biggest annual events called Google I/O due to the ongoing COVID-19 scenario. But this year, the company has decided to organize the entire event virtually, and the search giant is all set to launch an array of products that it has missed launching last year. The event will take place at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, though the amphitheatre will not... Read More

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