OTT Movies and Television Shows Released in the Third Week of December

Numerous shows are released during the third week of December. See what movies and TV shows are available to stream this last week of the month on OTT.


  • Take a look at the list of OTT movies which came during the 3rd week of December.
  • The movie titles mentioned here are from different OTT platforms.
  • A Storm for Christmas could be a good watch on Netflix during Christmas.

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The year's final month features several major OTT releases for fans of movies and web series. The Malayalam movie Ariyippu, Ananta: The Eternal are also released. December has a Christmas-y feel, and several movies are coming out this month with festive themes.

List of OTT movies and television shows released in the third week of December for you to stream if missed:


Due to a significant blizzard, numerous flights at Oslo Airport were cancelled the day before Christmas. Every person who is stuck has a tale to tell, and there are many of them. The storylines all come together this year. Both parties come into contact when bad weather keeps people at an airport for the last few hours before Christmas.

Where to watch: Netflix


A couple who works in a factory experiences a crisis brought on by a scandalous movie, which has unintended consequences for both their personal and professional lives.

Where to watch: Netflix


After five months of blissful dating, Lise is horrified to discover that Tom has a holiday obsession. They look like they're living the ideal life, enjoying a whirlwind passion, and getting along well - that is, until Christmas strikes and blows away everything. Is it time to celebrate Christmas once more?

Where to watch: Netflix


Suvo is a loner, a 40-year-old recluse without ambition. He often converses with the teacher Mistu, who gives him comfort. But Mistu vanishes mysteriously one day. Will Suvo ever locate her and make contact with her once more?

Where to watch: Zee5

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