Orange Poland Starts 5G Network Testing on 3.5 GHz Band in Lublin

Orange Poland is conducting 5G network tests in Lublin, offering users blazing speeds and enhanced reliability.


  • Users can expect speeds of 700-800 Mbps, with 1 Gbps on the horizon.
  • Massive MIMO technology with 32T32R configuration enhances network capabilities.
  • Tests focus on dedicated 5G frequencies for increased capacity.

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orange poland 5g network tests 35ghzband lublin
Orange Poland has officially launched its 5G network testing in the heart of Lublin. According to Orange Polska, this development allows all Orange and Nju mobile users in the area to experience the capabilities of 5G technology firsthand. Orange already offers 5G in the 2100 MHz frequency in selected locations of Poland.

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Orange 5G on 3.5 GHz in Lublin

Orange Polska intends to test network performance in real-world conditions and assess the capabilities of the C-Band, for which the auction is currently taking place.

The 5G tests, which will run from September 1st to October 15, will utilize target frequencies within the 3.4-3.8 GHz band. Orange Poland expects a major boost in network capacity and speeds, exceeding 1 Gbps. Orange Polska said during testing, users can anticipate speeds of around 700-800 Mbps, a substantial upgrade from current 4G LTE speeds.

Orange Polska said it will use 9 base stations in the vicinity of the Old Town. Small 5G radio modules can already be seen on buildings and masts in the city center. Small, but only in size, because in terms of technology they surpass previous, larger devices.

Massive MIMO Technology

Orange Polska has announced its plan to utilize 9 base stations in the vicinity of the Old Town. Small 5G radio modules are already visible on buildings and masts in the city center. These modules are small in physical size but far surpass previous, larger devices in terms of technology, said Orange.

Key to this advancement is Massive MIMO technology, featuring a 32T32R configuration with 32 transmitting and 32 receiving antennas. This technology enables Multi-User MIMO functionality, accommodating multiple users simultaneously on the same channel.

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5G Frequencies using DSS

Orange Poland's existing 5G offering, using Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology since 2021, shares frequency bands between 4G and 5G based on user needs. However, these new tests focus on dedicated 5G frequencies within the C band, promising enhanced network capacity and speed. Orange said the 5G test runs on 100 MHz bandwidth while sharing the frequency used for both LTE2100 (4G) and C-Band (5G).

Improved 5G Reliability

Apart from rapid downloads, Orange has stated that the 5G network will bolster network reliability, even in densely populated areas like stadiums and concert venues.

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To access 5G, users must possess a compatible SIM card, a 5G-enabled phone, and a mobile plan from Orange or Nju mobile that includes 5G. Keep an eye out for the 5G icon on your phone to know when you're in a coverage area.

Orange Poland's initiative marks a significant step forward in the deployment of 5G technology, offering the promise of faster, more reliable mobile internet to users in Lublin and beyond.

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