Orange Poland Launches ViLTE Calling Service

Orange Poland has launched ViLTE technology, enabling high-quality video calls directly over the LTE network without extra fees. ViLTE offers stability, enhanced battery efficiency, and improved security, revolutionizing the way users communicate.


  • Orange Poland launches ViLTE technology for high-quality video calls over LTE.
  • ViLTE simplifies video calling, providing stability and enhanced battery efficiency.
  • ViLTE operates independently of the internet, ensuring secure and seamless conversations.

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Orange Poland Launches ViLTE Calling Service

Orange Poland has announced the launch of its Video over LTE (ViLTE) technology in a post on Tuesday. According to Orange Polska, ViLTE enables users to directly engage in high-quality video conversations over the LTE network, eliminating the need for additional third-party applications or messaging services. Orange said ViLTE technology not only promises exceptional video quality and low latency but also comes with the added advantage of being free of extra charges.

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Effortless Video Conversations with ViLTE

ViLTE, short for "Video over LTE," represents a significant advancement in real-time video transmission within the LTE network. Building upon the foundation of Voice over LTE (VoLTE), ViLTE seamlessly extends the capabilities to include video calls, providing a complete communication experience.

Orange has highlighted prerequisites, key features and functionalities of the ViLTE service, including:

Device Compatibility

For ViLTE to work, both parties involved in the video call must-have phones with LTE SIM cards that support ViLTE technology and have up-to-date software. These phones should also have VoLTE (Voice over LTE) enabled.

Network Requirement

Both callers need to be within the range of an LTE network. ViLTE utilizes the LTE network for stable and real-time video transmission.

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Initiating a Call

To initiate a ViLTE call, a user would dial the recipient's number just like a regular voice call. Once the call is connected, the user can switch to video mode by clicking the camera icon on the phone's interface.

Quality and Performance

Orange said ViLTE offers stable connections with high-quality video and low latency. The real-time transmission ensures smooth and natural conversations. The call quality can also depend on the LTE network's coverage and the capabilities of the devices being used.

Battery Efficiency

ViLTE consumes less battery compared to some third-party messaging apps, making it an efficient option for video calls.

Priority and Connection

ViLTE calls have priority over video calls made through internet-based apps. This can lead to faster call setup times and enhanced user experience.

Data Usage

ViLTE works independently of the internet, so users don't need an active data connection to use the service. It does not impact or reduce your internet data plan or consume data package, says Orange.


ViLTE calls are more secure than video calls made through internet-based apps because they are conducted over the operator's controlled cellular network with security protocols in place.

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Orange mentioned ViWiFi technology as an alternative to ViLTE for consumers who are travelling abroad or in areas with poor coverage. However, Orange Polska is confident in its LTE coverage, which covers 98 percent of the country. For the remaining areas where LTE coverage is unavailable, video calls over Wi-Fi can be useful.

Orange said ViWiFi is a related technology that enables video calls over Wi-Fi networks when there is poor coverage. It provides high-quality video calls when the cellular network signal is weak.

Orange Poland ViLTE Service

According to Orange, switching to ViLTE for video calls makes more sense now that they are phasing out 3G networks as reported by TelecomTalk. Orange also reported that over 60 percent of phones on their network that have VoLTE also support ViLTE.

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Finally, Orange noted that ViLTE is specific to certain networks and requires compatible devices. If VoLTE is not supported on a phone, ViLTE will not work either. ViLTE and ViWiFi are designed to provide a seamless video calling experience without the need for additional apps or fees.

As Orange Poland introduces ViLTE to its network, it ushers in a new era of efficient, high-quality video calling.

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