Orange Poland Strengthens Network in Tourist Destinations for Holidays

Orange Poland upgrades its network infrastructure in popular tourist destinations to provide seamless connectivity and improved coverage during the summer holidays.


  • Orange Poland announces network upgrade plans to enhance connectivity in tourist destinations.
  • New base stations and mobile stations are deployed to improve coverage in coastal, mountainous, and lakeside areas.
  • Mobile traffic during the holiday season surges by up to 80 percent, emphasizing the need for robust infrastructure.

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Orange Poland Strengthens Network in Tourist Destinations for Holidays

Orange Poland has announced its plans to upgrade its network in popular tourist destinations, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhanced coverage for customers during the summer holidays. The company aims to meet the growing demand for reliable mobile services in these high-traffic areas.

Network Upgrade Plans

Orange Poland has announced in a blog post that it has implemented several network enhancement measures, including the construction of new base stations, revamping existing systems, deployment of mobile stations, and introduction of new LTE systems. These efforts are aimed at optimizing network performance and capacity, allowing more users to enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted mobile experience.

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Improved Coverage in Tourist Locations

In locations such as Kolobrzeg, Swinoujscie (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), Scinawka Srednia (Lower Silesia), Pyzowka, Kasina Wielka, Lesnica, Izbach and Bielanka (Lesser Poland), Olecko, Goldpa, Niedrzwica and Rydzewo (Warminsko-Mazurskie), Koscierzyna (Pomorskie) and Dwernik (Subcarpathian Voivodeship), Orange Poland has established 14 new base stations, providing improved coverage and network strength.

According to Orange, the network upgrades have not only been limited to coastal areas on the Baltic Sea but also cover mountainous regions and lakeside destinations to cater to the varied preferences of holidaymakers.

Moreover, Orange said it has installed four mobile stations in popular seaside towns, including Bobolin near Darlowo, Grzybowo near Kolobrzeg, Rowy near Ustka, and Jastarnia. These additional mobile stations enhance network capabilities and ensure a reliable connection for tourists visiting these coastal areas.

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Strengthening Base Stations and Adding LTE Systems

Orange Poland has strengthened base stations in tourist areas by enhancing 195 base stations and adding 176 LTE systems. This will increase coverage and network capacity, ensuring more people can use their network simultaneously during the holiday season.

Increased Mobile Traffic during Holiday Season

Orange has noticed a consistent increase in mobile traffic, particularly during the holiday season in tourist areas. During this time, data traffic can surge by up to 80 percent compared to non-holiday months. For example in some regions like Pomeranian and West Pomeranian, Orange said the increase is even higher, exceeding 100 percent, highlighting the need for robust network infrastructure to meet the demands of holidaymakers.

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Connectivity Support for Orange Warsaw Festival

Orange Poland also announced its connectivity support for the Orange Warsaw Festival, where the company connected base stations using fibre optics. These base stations aggregated frequencies in LTE technology, including 800, 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz, as well as the 900 MHz band for 2G and 3G connectivity.


Orange Poland says by strengthening its network in tourist locations, it aims to ensure seamless connectivity and high-quality services, allowing tourists to stay connected, share experiences, and fully enjoy their holidays. The company is committed to providing reliable and high-performance networks that meet the needs of both local residents and holidaymakers during the summer season.

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