Orange Teams up With Augtera Networks for AI-Driven Network Operations

This collaboration builds on a successful two-year trial across Orange networks, showcasing improved efficiency and customer experience.


  • Orange selects Augtera's AI platform to enhance NOC operations with advanced analytics.
  • Augtera's AI capabilities enable proactive incident identification, reducing alarm fatigue.
  • Successful trial validates AI's potential to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Orange Teams up With Augtera Networks for AI-Driven Network Operations
Orange has announced that it is integrating the Network Artificial Intelligence platform from Augtera Networks into its Network Operating Center (NOC) tools to leverage AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) in daily network operations. The French telco group noted that this comes after a two-year production trial conducted across various Orange networks, including the French Backbone, Orange Global Network, and SD-WAN Network. The trial evaluated Augtera Network AI's technical capabilities along with quantifying the business value of AI/ML for multiple use cases.

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Trial Results and Benefits

Orange said the integration of Augtera's platform will enable Orange's NOC to achieve a 70 percent reduction in daily alarms. By harnessing Augtera's network topology knowledge-based auto-correlation, Orange will streamline its operations, allowing Orange operations experts to focus on genuine incidents and proactive measures rather than being inundated with unnecessary alerts, improving customer experience.

Implementation Timeline

According to Orange, this integration will start in April 2024 and will be fully rolled out by the end of 2024 in Orange Global Networks, which comprises thousands of IP routers in 800 Points of Presence across 100 countries.

Technical Integration Details

"Augtera is directly integrated with Orange International Networks in Orange Private Cloud to capture network topology and various network-related data. Machine learning models are built using Orange data by Augtera Network AI platform on-premises using unsupervised and online learning. These include models for anomaly detection on metrics, logs, and models for auto-correlation built using auto-discovered network topology," the official release said.

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"Over the past two years, we have been evaluating Augtera AI in various production environments to assess both the technical capabilities and business outcomes. Through a systematic evaluation of multiple use cases, we have identified two initial ones that produced excellent results during the trial. We are pleased to be moving forward to integrate Augtera with our existing NOC tools to bring transformative efficiency and predictability to our operations," Orange said.

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